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New crest (mark) "shinshukushokimon" symbolizing Shinjuku birth!

Ties with people are themes

Shinjuku Convention & Visitors Bureau presents Shinjuku PR utilizing "shinshukushokimon" as new crest (mark) symbolizing Shinjuku which we produced in 2019.


[basic crest]



[development 1]


[development 2]



It is said, "we aimed at crest to gather together, and to connect power" with like "twisted-paper string" (paper string) which design of "shinshukushokimon" bundles thing which tore paper with thing by Asao Tokoro (tokoro, Asao) of artist performing reproducible crest and production of pattern with ruler and compasses based on simple geometry principle him under the theme of "connecting" thin, and does to string. We express "diversity" that Shinjuku has in not only Japanese but also various places of visit to Japan foreigner by presenting crest which featured the theme of ties with people and person, and it is telling design. We carry out campaigns with Shinjuku original goods utilizing "shinshukushokimon" and will send Things to do in Shinjuku widely in future to have many people come.























Asao Tokoro ASAO TOKOLO/artist

It was born in Shinjuku for 1,969 years. We learn architecture from time for childhood and study under Shin Egashira. It continues moving into action commencing with production of pattern under the theme of "connecting" in art, building, border domain of design from September 11, 2001. We perform crest which can be reproduced by ruler and compasses and production of pattern and design/production of three-dimensional thing which we applied similar principle to based on simple geometry principle.

There are Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics emblem, the large Nagoya Building lower layer part facade glass pattern, outdoor sculpture for Otemachi park building in main work. 2016 - University of Tokyo department of engineering part-time teacher, 2018 - University of Tokyo college of liberal arts part-time teacher.

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