From Wednesday, August 12, 2020 to Sunday, November 15

Message from comic artist

Plan exhibition "message from Tetsuya Chiba X Kenji Morita comic artist" is open in Peace Memorial Museum until from Wednesday, August 12 to Sunday, November 15. Admission for free.

Tetsuya Chiba "return!" 1st Term :

Plan exhibition "message from Tetsuya Chiba X Kenji Morita comic artist"

We hold plan exhibition "message from Tetsuya Chiba X Kenji Morita comic artist" as plan in Peace Memorial Museum in 75 years after the war.

We introduce work that two step of Tetsuya Chiba and Kenji Morita who told own wartime experience in expression called comics and next-generation comic artists receive baton from war experient by this plan exhibition and describe in.

"Today when 75 years after the war passed, how do you convey wartime experience?"

Please check how "comics" meet this question with eyes of everybody.

Plan exhibition "message from Tetsuya Chiba X Kenji Morita comic artist" flyer (924.1KB)

The Kenji Morita "wasteland of dusk" (the first half year)


From Wednesday, August 12, 2020 to Sunday, November 15 9:30-17:30 (as for the admission until 17:00)

Closed: But we are opened on Monday (holiday) on September 21 on every Monday, Sunday, August 23, Wednesday, September 23

1st Term : From Wednesday, August 12 to Sunday, September 27
2nd Term: From Tuesday, September 29 to Sunday, November 15

*We distribute exhibition period later with the first half year and perform some display substitute.


Peace Memorial Museum


The 33rd floor of the 2-6-1, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Shinjuku Sumitomo Building



・It is a 1-minute walk from Toei Subway "Oedo Line" Tochomae Station Exit A6

・It is a 5-minute walk from Tokyo Metro "Marunouchi Line" Nishi-Shinjuku Station

・"JR Line", it is a 10-minute walk "Odakyu Line" from the "Keio Line" Shinjuku Station west exit

Admission charges

Free of charge


We introduce activity to report own wartime experience of Tetsuya Chiba and Kenji Morita and work which we created.
We introduce work of next-generation comic artists in total.

Writer profile
[Tetsuya Chiba]

1939 (Showa 14) Tokyo birth. We go over to Korea after the life soon and move to gohoten (existing Shenyang). Father worked to the New World print of Tiexi District. We withdraw in Hakata Port of Fukuoka in June, 2009. We write work concerning war including "picture book oyster of the back of the roof" about own life after "hawk of shidenaratame" about pilot at navy of last years of Pacific War and the end of the war while we play an active part mainly on sports comics and publish "hinemosunotari diary" about now own half life serially.
Masterpiece: "Tomorrow's Joe" "diabolical pitch of oath" "we are enough Matsutaro" "whirlwind of Harris"

Tetsuya Chiba "walks in red setting sun earnestly" (the latter period)

[Kenji Morita]

1939 (Showa 14) Tokyo birth. We are brought up in hoten (existing Shenyang) from three months after birth. Father ran bag factory in Kyowa street of Shikishima ward. We withdraw in Senzaki Port of Yamaguchi for 21 years. After having played an active part as gag comic artist, after training with New York, we turn into 1 top comic artist. We caricatured own withdrawal experience as "my Manchurian" and write "red setting sun which withdraws, and is far-off from Manchurian" distributing at "husband biography which depicted own half life in comics and sentence useless in abusive a large number of people boy history" and our museum.
Masterpiece: "Useless husband that circle is" "Robo tongue" "Mr. Giants"

Kenji Morita "withdrawal train which has gone" (the latter period)

* Work by next-generation comic artists

"Person from immortal suicide attack soldier straight kitoshi straight KEL tachihe" (Kodansha): The Naoki Azuma/original: Shoji Kokami
Work about pilot at actual army which reached home plate while making a sortie by suicide attack strategy nine times. The original is the same name nonfiction of Shoji Kokami.

"War meal" (AKITA PUBLISHING): gyo*mokusanta
Sketchbook which caricatured various gourmet episodes concerning the armed forces and war from Meiji to Showa.

"Description of to rino palm siberia detention" (Kodansha): ozawayuki
Work which caricatured true experience of father who was detained forcible escort to camp of siberia after having faced the end of the war in Manchurian.

"Guernica - of periryu- paradise" (Shiroizumi Corporation): Kazuyoshi Takeda
Work about figure of young people living hard in southern periryu Island which war is terminal, and became the site of a hard-fought battle.

Allied event

◎As for every video screening day 14:00-14:45 (except event)
"Picture book oyster of the back of the description of comic artist Tetsuya Chiba Manchurian experience roof"
*No appointment necessary

List of cooperation (honorific title abbreviation)

Tetsuya Chiba production, the Maizuru withdrawal Memorial,
Nonprofit foundation Japan Cartoonist Association,
Meeting of Japan comics secretariat August 15,
AKITA PUBLISHING, moderns building, Kodansha, Shogakukan, Shiroizumi Corporation, slow maturing Publishing, Naoki Azuma, gyo*mokusanta, ozawayuki, Kazuyoshi Takeda


Peace Memorial Museum

TEL 03-5323-8709

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