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Announcement of recruitment of Shinjuku Convention & Visitors Bureau regular staff

It will recruit the regular staff of adoption on April 1, 2021. As for the details, please see offer essential point.

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Corona measures relief information dispatch business of restaurant

In Shinjuku sightseeing promotion association, we send information for with corona so that people visiting Shinjuku use restaurant of downtown area in peace and are tourist attractions of Shinjuku…

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It is so rou in National Stadium together

The Shinjuku city half marathon, inhabitant of a ward health marathon 19th meet is held on Sunday, January 24, 2021!

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By spring spring - friend and coni

Danshun Tatekawa rakugo society "by spring spring - friend and coni" are held in Kinokuniya Hall of Kinokuniya Book Store Shinjuku Main Store 4F on Sunday for from Monday, January 6, 2021 to 10th.

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Contest! The stage named lucky adventurers - Japan of "Mikuni will", China, Taiwanese luxuriance

In Waseda University Theatre Museum until Friday, December 25 temporary exhibition "contest! Held on the stage named lucky adventurers - Japan, China, Taiwanese luxuriance of "Mikuni will". November 2…

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We support town while sending sightseeing information of Shinjuku! "Shinjuku original mask case" production

Shinjuku Convention & Visitors Bureau produced "Shinjuku original mask case" two kinds to support the town of Shinjuku while sending sightseeing information.

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