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Shinjuku-ku catches good opportunity of the Tokyo Olympics Paralympics in 2020 and promotes measures such as culture, sightseeing, urban infrastructure maintenance, universal design generally. As the part, we maintain by public and private sectors collaboration about strong free public wireless LAN service (free Wi-Fi) of request in particular from foreign tourists.

Characteristic of Shinjuku Free Wi-Fi
"Shinjuku Free Wi-Fi" supports certification application "Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi" of NTTBP company. *1 *2
In this way, even other areas (approximately 144,000 access point * 3 such as major airports of the whole country, main stations, tourist facilities) where we add to area of "Shinjuku Free Wi-Fi" and have already participated in can use free Wi-Fi by simple operation if they register the use of application once.
*Of 1 Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi please see website in detail.
*You can use 2 Shinjuku Free Wi-Fi except that you use the application by using by browser individually, and registering.
*It is the number of the access point as of 3 end of January, 2016.
It is usable at various places!
Available area of "Shinjuku Free Wi-Fi" gets cooperation such as building owner and shop owner of Shinjuku district and is enlarging. You can confirm available area of "Shinjuku Free Wi-Fi" with website and sticker.
We are connected by simple operation!
As for the connection method of "Shinjuku Free Wi-Fi", there are two of connection method not to use method and application to use "Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi" application. You can easily use both by one use registration (e-mail addresses).
It is news for store owner
Shinjuku Free Wi-Fi participation shop offer
In Shinjuku-ku, it recruits store which can set up public wireless LAN service "Shinjuku Free Wi-Fi" to increase of needs more and more. We introduce shop which had setting cooperation in website of Shinjuku sightseeing promotion association as available area of "Shinjuku Free Wi-Fi". As person who is interested does individual explanation (consulting), please let know with participation application form.
*Contract of public wireless LAN service "light station" of NTT East Japan and provider contract corresponding to FLET'S light NeXT (we remove business type, plastic Io) and light station are necessary to have you participate.
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