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Tokyo Some Monogatari Museum

Tokyo Some Monogatari MuseumWith the development of Edo shogunate, it became common for people to wear clothes such as finely pattterned or calico printed clothes. This resulted in the increase in the number of people dedicated to dyeing industry. They used to reside Kanda or Asakusa as they had a plenty of good quality water suitable for dyeing. However, after Meiji era, they had to move towards Shinjuku because of the pollution of water. As a result, dyeing industry developed in Shinjuku. Today, dyeing industry is regared as one of a few local industries in Shinjuku. "Tokyo Some Monogatari Museum" introduces us some expertise and skills that are used to dye clothes. They attempt to protect the traditional industry by handing down to the next generation.

Zip code 〒169-0051
Address 3-6-14, Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
The nearest station, access
  • It is a 2-minute walk from Toden Arakawa Line Omokagebashi Station
Phone number 03-3987-0701
FAX number 03-3980-2519
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