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Shinjuku Yamanote Shichifukujin (seven lucky gods) Tour

As God bringing fortune "the Seven Deities of Good Luck" who have been believed in from the Muromachi era. It is event that circulation sees Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine dedicated to the Seven Deities of Good Luck as for "the Seven Deities of Good Luck circulation" and prays for good luck. It is said that we can receive seven good fortune when we make the Seven Deities of Good Luck circulation.
Shichifukujin is said to derive from the Chinese subject of Chikurin Shichiken (seven Sages in a Bamboo Grove) or from the famous Buddhist term from the sutra Ninnougyou, shichinan sokumetsu shichinan sokushou (seven adversities disappeared and seven fortunes arose). ” Shichifukujin gods comprise Bishamonten (bringing the blessing of “authority and dignity”), Daikokuten (bringing “wealth”), Benzaiten (bringing “winsomeness”), Jurojin (bringing “longevity”), Fukurokuju (bringing “popularity”), Ebisu (bringing “rectitude”), and Hotei (bringing “abundance”). Let’s go visit Shichifukujin in Shinjuku!

Zenkoku-ji Temple (enshrining Bishamonten)

Kyoo-ji Temple (Daikokuten)

Hozen-ji Temple (Jurojin)

Itsukushima-jinja Shrine (Benzaiten)

Eifuku-ji Temple (Fukurokuju)

Taiso-ji Temple (Hotei)

Inari-kio-jinja Shrine (Ebisu)

*For details about the respective shrines and temples, please visit the links above.

*Fees are applied to get shuin stamps, picture mounts, and Shichifukujin statues.

*“Shinjuku Yamanote Shichifukujin Tour” is provided by the temples and shrines. For details and inquiries about how to obtain a shuin picture mount, etc., please contact each temple/shrine.

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