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The kennels "Inu Goyo Yashiki" in Okubo

The kennels "Inu Goyo Yashiki" in OkuboTrace of dog order mansion installed in the Genroku era year in the Edo era. 5s general Tsunayoshi Tokugawa believed this without being blessed with heirs after death of boy virtue pine that it depended on killing of previous existence. And, in 1687 (Jokyo 4), we uttered "law of animate beings pity". In this way, we forbid homicide vigor of creature firmly, and it is said that we made much of dog because Tsunakichi in particular was born in the Year of the Dog (inudoshi). "Dog order mansion" was established by Yotsuya, Okubo, Nakano to accommodate dog without owner with this in 1695 (Genroku 8).

Above all, "dog order mansion" of Okubo is proud of area called total area 23,000 tsubo how, and it is said that it accommodated approximately 100,000 dogs. It became small in 1697 (Genroku 10) and was closed down.

Zip code 〒162-0827
Address 13, Wakamatsucho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
The nearest station, access
  • It is a 5-minute walk from Toei Oedo Line Wakamatsu-Kawada Station
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