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"Atom shichimi" of 100,000HP release!

"Atom shichimi" using fantastic Naito chili pepper related to Shinjuku release!

Please appreciate hot sharp taste that punch of 100,000HP worked for at home.

(c) Tezuka Productions

Shinjuku here shichimi "atom shichimi / Takadanobaba"

Price: 820 yen (tax-excluded)
10 g of special can specifications / contents
Raw materials: Naito chili pepper, black sesame, sum Japanese pepper
*Even if blended thing is not seven kinds, we are expressed as shichimi.

Feelings to compounding and package

You can enjoy compounding and feelings to package to associate atom!


(c) Tezuka Productions

Raw materials

…We seemed to say this and chose materials which could associate atom.
More cost was held down if we used hanahajikami, but there were feelings to domestic production and flavor height that they heard of punch and arrived at sum Japanese pepper.
Package makes red, black, green by Japanese-style design to base, too.

How to use atom shichimi

Of course punch hears affinity with stewed foods, fry-up, miso soup, pasta well spicily, and, as for sprinkling on Yakitori, side, udon, appetites increase!

You can buy "atom shichimi" here!

<permanent construction sale> 
■gokakoshiaoyanagi (4-13-12, Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)
Business hours: From 10:00 to 19:00 regular holiday: On Sunday
*We sell atom and pancake of uranium!
■Shinjuku Musashino-kan
*We sell at Naito chili pepper corner of movie theater stand
*For more details, please refer to Shinjuku Musashino-kan.

Reference of product

Naito chili pepper project

Atom which was born in Takadanobaba

Astro Boy that played an active part in comics or TV was born at "the scientific ministry" of Takadanobaba. With on worth feeling same as human being, we have a strong sense of justice, and Astro Boy that is pure, and is gentle at heart is our everlasting hero.

In addition, Astro Boy is appointed as special envoy in the Shinjuku future and we participate in event of Shinjuku-ku positively and play an active part in field in area.

With Naito chili pepper

The Edo era, the Shinjuku whole area were territories of Naito feudal clan said to be Naito Shinjuku.

Chili pepper cultivated around current Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden became reputation, and Shinjuku became famous red pepper production center.

When it is scene which bright red carpet pulls when we look at the Okubo area from Yotsuya when it is autumn, and is filled with, it is recorded.

It is modern times and looks for seeds of this extinct chili pepper and is authorized as revival, now traditional Edo Tokyo vegetables and begins to spread.






Site where Naito chili pepper becomes known in detail is this place
Naito chili pepper project 



Coverage day: Thursday, February 1, 2018

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