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The Soseki study Memorial

Great writer, Soseki Natsume was born and raised, and he lived on Shinjuku for nine years of later years in house of Wasedaminamicho called "Soseki study".
"Sanshiro" Soseki study where many masterpieces such as "heart" "grass by the roadside" were written, and literature salon called "Thursday society" was opened.
Shinjuku-ku opens "the Shinjuku Ward Soseki study Memorial" in these ruins and succeeds to memory of land in the future.

For more details, it is ⇒ Soseki study Memorial official site to this


In tsujoten, we introduce with graphic panel and picture about themes such as ① Soseki Natsume and Shinjuku, life of ② Soseki, the world of ③ Soseki work, people gathering around ④ Soseki, ⑤ Soseki and haiku, ⑥ Soseki and painting and calligraphic work.

In addition, we reproduce a part of "Soseki study" where Soseki lived in. Study and parlor, Soseki who were place of exchange with creation and pupils sit on rattan chair and can see relaxed porch type corridor.

In addition, we display soft copy and documents such as letter, the first edition which Shinjuku-ku possesses and are released.

Introduction display [the first floor] (free)

We introduce basic information in knowing Soseki and relation of Shinjuku, life, person image, Soseki including family.

Soseki study reproduction exhibition room [the first floor] (pay)

We reproduce a part of "Soseki study", study, parlor, porch type corridor and introduce about the world in essay "glass door" that every week open "Thursday fair" was written in this study in this parlor, approach of "Soseki study" reproduction.

Exhibition room (tsujoten, temporary exhibition) [the second floor] (pay)

We introduce about people, Soseki and haiku, Soseki or painting and calligraphic work surrounding Soseki and work world, Soseki by graphic panel or picture, and display releases primary documents such as soft copy and letter, the first edition that Shinjuku-ku possesses.

(we may remove a part of tsujoten at the time of * temporary exhibition holding).

cafe soseki

We install book cafe which can enjoy original menu associated with Soseki while reading Soseki work and book concerned.

Museum shop

We sell original goods of Soseki and "Soseki study" connection.

Opening time

From 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

※Admission until 5:30 p.m.

Closed days

On Monday

※Day that is not holiday just after that in the case of holiday

From December 29 to January 3

Viewing charges (tsujoten)

  ※Group (more than 20 people) is half price of viewing charges of individual


The Soseki study Memorial
Telephone: 03-3205-0209


The Soseki study Memorial
7, Wasedaminamicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

  ※There is not parking lot. Please use public transport.

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Address The 7, Wasedaminamicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Soseki study Memorial
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