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To Shinjuku Nakamuraya "Shinjuku juku-maru bean-jam bun!"

Long-established store, Shinjuku Nakamuraya and Shinjuku sightseeing promotion association produce Shinjuku souvenir!

Shinjuku sightseeing promotion association cooperated with long-established store, Shinjuku Nakamuraya and released "Shinjuku juku-maru bean-jam bun" as new Shinjuku souvenir.

Relation with Shinjuku is close and is bean-jam bun which sightseeing in Shinjuku promotion association publicizing charm of town of Nakamuraya and Shinjuku putting heart to town of Shinjuku developed as product which can be pleased with whom Shinjuku comes over to.

■Introduction of "Shinjuku juku-maru bean-jam bun" product

It is homemade notsubuano flavored with adzuki bean rich bean-jam bun which craftsman cooked in kitchen in shop of Shinjuku Nakamuraya "bonna" which we wrapped. We push branding iron of information dog "juku circle" to introduce Things to do in Shinjuku to from thought that Nakamuraya founded as baker wants to introduce as souvenir representing Shinjuku.

■The juku-maru is guidance dog to introduce Things to do in Shinjuku to!

"juku circle" looking just like form of Shinjuku-ku plays an active part in sightseeing information magazine "Shinjuku plus" of Shinjuku (we issue for each 100,000 copies twice a year) as guidance dog to introduce Things to do in Shinjuku to!

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We issue latest issue "Shinjuku plus vol.6"

Sweets & Delica Bonna (bonna) Shinjuku Nakamuraya


NAKAMURAYA Co., Ltd. visitor Service Center

TEL: 0120-370-293

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Shinjuku sightseeing promotion association 

TEL: 03-3344-3160

Address 3-26-13, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku sweets & delicatessen Bonna (bonna) Shinjuku Nakamuraya
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