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Toyama Park

In metropolitan "Toyama park" which is full of green, the whole area around "Mount Hakone" is said to be famous spot for its cherry blossoms. "Mount Hakone" is the perfect prospects point that can overlook high-rise building of Shinjuku from top in the highest mountain in Shinjuku-ku, but height is only 44.6 meters. In suburban residence of a daimyo of the Owari Tokugawas, it was said to be popular name "Toyama mountain cottage" originally. Total acreage provided 25 views with 136,000 tsubo rests in strolling garden and was Koraku-en Garden of Mito house of Koishikawa and famous garden to line up. We reached the Meiji Restoration before long and became the army Toyama school and continued until World War II end. "Mount Hakone" of Tsukiyama that was a part of the garden at the time is left now. In addition, things which painter of Buncho Tani and Kano group drew picture scroll about state at the time are left.


Postal code 〒169-0052
Address Toyama, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 2-3 chome, 3, Okubo
Nearest stations and access
  • It is a 25-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Tozai Line Waseda Station
  • It is a 6-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line Nishi-Waseda Station

(Mount Hakone) Tokyo Metro Tozai Line "Waseda" 25-minute walk
(Okubo district) metropolitan Fukutoshin Line "Nishiwaseda" 6-minute walk

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