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Some no Machi, Ochiai (Dyeing district)

The dyeing-related work more than 300 gathered with strange original Terakawa along the Kanda River until the 30, Showa generation and was's three biggest production centers along with Kyoto, Kanazawa.

Ochiai, Nakai is dotted with dyer bunches now. Work is released in one of the inside "Futabaen", and event is "path of sen", and it is performed holding called "the gallery of river" setting cloth in surface of a river. We leave studio open elsewhere in ward, and made Tokyo dyed goods of display and dyeing experience are enough, and there are museums (Tomita dyer art), too.

Dyeing business in ward was in the middle of the Taisho era, and dyeing supplier who fixed on clear stream of the Kanda River developed by new establishment, craftsman independent there opening dyer ground in place that sailed up river in factory in Takadanobaba. We continue up to the present day without running out of the successive skill and history as "kingdom Shinjuku of dyeing".

Zip code 〒161-0033
Address Around Ochiai, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
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