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Hanazono Shrine

Hanazono Shrine

Hanazono Shrine is the local shrine of Naitoh Shinjuku. It came into being when kanjo, ceremonial transfer of a divided tutelary deity to a new location, of Mount Yoshino occurred in Yamato province. Though it used to be in a street intersection of Shinjukusanchome, it was transferred to where it is now between 1624 to 1644. It was called "Yotusya oiwake inari" or "Sankouin Inari". Also, it was named "Hanazono inari" after Hanazono, flower garden, of Owari Tokugawa's secondary house.

It was often destroyed by fire, and every time fire occurred, they set up a small theater and played some a show called "Sankouin Shibai" in order to raise money for restoraton.

It used to be made of wood and plaster. However, it was completely burnt down during the late period of the World War Second. The building we see today was restored in 1965.

Hanazono Shrine owns many stone objects. Especially, the statue of "Karajishi (a kind of guradian dog)" is designated as an important cultural property of Shinjuku.

Zip code 〒160-0022
Address 5-17-3, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
The nearest station, access
  • It is a 3-minute walk from Toei Shinjuku Line Shinjuku Station

A JR Yamanote Line "Shinjuku" (the east exit) 7-minute walk

Phone number 03-3209-5265
FAX number 03-3209-5645
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