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In night Kagurazaka penumbra
Gut-rot flavor of culture

Nomachi mine child
Comic artist and essayist, illustrator. We are resident in Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku. Under most new book "Noh sapo" "Noh sports" "whim mill habit - ki" release. A lot of appearance to radio-TV program.
It is high-quality by Kagurazaka = fashion,
Image called this,
We want to spoil for inhabitants of penumbra by all means.

While evaluation is stable as really stylish town, and proof called former entertainment district is combined, and, speaking of Kagurazaka, land prices rise, too. I of sadness live in area called Kagurazaka to be hard to enter for seeing that shops which are extreme in good flavor will certainly line up at high price in Kagurazaka-dori Street and passed already for 14 years, but main just what of Kagurazaka is reward on day of fine weather if we say.

When it is more popular, and there is fashion degree in the delicate area, penumbra a lot whether you can call just right shop with Kagurazaka, I want to insist on thing.

At first none of the inhabitants of this neighborhood in the area that finishes going up slope, and was able to skip the noise wants to take all to "bamboo" loving with him/her. Cheap bar of kist which is not small restaurant-style though it is not chain store. Sashimi is unexpectedly (rudeness) delicious, too, and there is from sushi to takoyaki. Good point of preparation that there are both karaoke room and mah-jongg saloon in the same building in the same name of "bamboo."

"Harvey foot club" where is different in taste as for being in the basement of the same building. Though it is actually accident in American shop of feeling that quite young businessman seems to see football on TV, hamburger is delicious slightly surprisingly. Therefore we love.

"Blank" in Okubo-dori St. where there is well-known store of gyoza called "pylon" if we go to loser, Shinnogawamachi considerably and came off from Kagurazaka-dori Street a little under slope is refined shop by couple of former publishing company duty. Originally faculty of liberal arts + manufacturing industry zone where bookbindery and publication-related small companies crowd in the north side of Kagurazaka. Though base of citizen of Kagurazaka is downtown area, there is flavor of faculty of liberal arts slightly there. In fact, penumbra of Kagurazaka has shop which such inhabitants love.

Play at night is nya moderately, too
This Night Watch
Bishamon senbei Fukuya/
Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku 6-38 <photograph 1>
6-38, Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku Kagurazaka building B1F <photograph 2 - 5>
Harvey foot club/
Shiroganecho, Shinjuku-ku 1-13 <photograph 6 - 12>
Shinnogawamachi, Shinjuku-ku 8-32 <photograph 13 - 15>
BOOK & BAR blank/
Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku 4-2 <photograph 16 - 19>
Let's actually find town on foot where other photographs are!

SHINJUKU Night Watch of Shinjuku plus vol.5 September, 2016 issuance Nomachi mine child

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