Shinjuku Specialties

Let's laugh in special feature Shinjuku!

Theater where seasonal comedian performs live from variety hall which can enjoy rakugo in Shinjuku-ku where old and new various entertainment fuses,
There is to mimicry show restaurant and can enjoy various laughter with all one's might.
We introduce spot that can enjoy laughter of Shinjuku-ku this time.

Theater for comedy is prepared in Shinjuku, too.
We come for Shinjuku, and let's roar with laughter!


Lumine the Yoshimoto

Comedy of Yoshimoto is here

Large theater where laughter does not always die out

We send the best "comedy" including comic dialogue, conte special comedy and New Comedy by performance by luxurious talent every day. We are proud of the biggest ability in theater of Yoshimoto Kogyo of East Japan.

We hold our sides and are laughable! We sense fun only by life bodily

We appear from young person to popular entertainer appearing on television widely. Attractive one which linkage with a sense of reality and customer only by life sees on the stage. We quit, and shop of the cause goods is fulfilling, too. When you dropped in at Shinjuku, please come to "Lumine the Yoshimoto" to play!

3-38-2, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku LUMINE 2 7F
☎ 03-5339-1112

Open Weekdays 11:00-21:30 (ticket beginning to sell 11:00)
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 9:30-21:30 (ticket beginning to sell 9:45)
Holiday Without holiday

*It is information as of March, 2018.

Show pub

Lake of black swan

We are fuddled with bewitching dance

New half show

From full-scale dance by beautiful dancers to comedy live, please enjoy entertainment show of the best part developed busily.

As for new half and the woman as for the man
New entertainment that dancers dance and dance

In best downtown, Kabuki-cho in Japan, we hold show full of a sense of reality. You come to any people regardless of age or sex, every customer. One that the first one, liquor cannot swallow up is fine. We are looking forward to the day meeting all of you heartily!

2-25-2, Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku Arao Building B2F
☎ 03-3205-0128

Open ①18:00 - entrance/19:30 - show time
②21:00 - entrance/22:00 - show time
Holiday SUN
Show restaurant

Hall Kisara who looks very much alike

Mimicry building of convulsions

We are satisfied very much by show and meal!

Show restaurant which can enjoy mimicry art and buffet. Mimicry talent of 160 is registered at the opening time in 1992. As for popular talent playing an active part on TV appearing!

It is sure to get roar of laughter! Treasure house of mimicry talent looking very much alike

We prepare for the material that both talent and the staff are various so that customer who came can enjoy in Kisara who can enjoy mimicry while eating to the maximum. If want to enjoy entertainment; by all means to "entirely hall Kisara!"

3-17-1, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku Isami and building 8F
☎ 03-3341-0213

Open 18:00-23:00
Holiday Without holiday *Reservation is accepted for one month

Shinjuku corner-za

Young entertainer of Shochiku appears

Theater which produced many stars

The 2011 opening of business. Theater of Shochiku Geino proud of the number of seats 119. The name of corner-za comes from playhouse which existed in Dotombori, Osaka in the Edo era.

If enjoy all of laughter; to Shinjuku corner-za!

Performance of rakugo society and idol performs comedy live by young entertainer of eyes in main for 1-5 years, too. We can enjoy comic dialogue, conte, rakugo, idol, performance of various genres and can sense a sense of reality only by raw live bodily as distance of seat is near stage.

3-20-8, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku WaMall Tops house 4F
☎ 03-3226-8081

Open It fluctuates by performance
Holiday No fixed holiday
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