Shinjuku Specialties

We start on the Shinjuku exploration by WE bus!

Course proficient in night Shinjuku

As for the Shinjuku, pleasure is full at night! We leave with Shinjuku WE bus "morning night root"!

Use route
Morning night root
Shinjuku Station west exit
Stop in front of Shinjuku Washington Hotel
Park Hyatt Tokyo
Shinjuku Station west exit
Shinjuku Station

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government

From the Metropolitan Government scenic dome, we can thoroughly enjoy night view, too. Tokyo Tower and docomo tower shining beautifully are seen in the southeastern area from the north scenic dome.

Open room time : 9:30-23:00 (in the south scenic dome until 17:30)
*When the north scenic dome is rest room; the south scenic dome until 23:00
*The room entrance deadline is 30 minutes ago of shut room time
Rest room day : [the south scenic dome] first and third Tuesday
[the north scenic dome] second and fourth Monday
New Year holidays (from 29 to 31 on December, January 2 and 3rd) and Metropolitan Government Building check day are rest rooms with both scenic dome

Photo courtesy: Tokyo


Omoide Yokocho

At first, it is the first house in Yokocho to leave flavor of Showa for strongly.

We will stop by here!

Chinese restaurant to be able to enjoy ramen and sauteed homemade noodles thing.

Jew's-ear and sauteed egg 570 yen
Egg is delicious with crunchy Jew's-ear softly

Business hours: : 9:00 ... 1:00
(on tree - Saturday until 2:00)
Holiday : None

Shinjuku Golden Gai

Let's flock to Golden Gai that small bars jostle each other!

We will stop by here!

Bar which can taste precious dishes in Golden Gai well.
Business hours: : 18:00 ... 6:00
Holiday : Sunday/Holiday (on holiday no fixed holiday)

Stew tofu 450 yen
Beef sinew which taste soaked into well is tender with horo

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