Shinjuku Specialties

We start on the Shinjuku exploration by WE bus!

Highlight enjoyment course

We go round classic tourist attractions of the highlight various Shinjuku

Use route
Kabuki-cho route
Shinjuku Station west exit
Hotel Gracery Shinjuku
Stop in front of Shinjuku Washington Hotel
Park Hyatt Tokyo
Shinjuku Station west exit

Takano Fruit Parlor Shinjuku Main Store B2F original foods & gift floor

One of the well-known stores where store specializing in fruit founded in 1885 (Meiji 18) should be visited if we come for Shinjuku. Delicious how to eat fruit is good for eating; ascertain, and can know. Original sweets or salad derived from fruit are prepared abundantly, too.

Business hours: : 10:00-20:30 (on Sunday/Holiday until 20:00)
Holiday : No fixed holiday
Fruit pure jelly
a cantaloupe 951 yen
b white peach 713 yen

Hanazono-jinja Shrine

We pray in Shinto shrine which continues watching the town of Shinjuku before opening the Edo shogunate of the Edo Shogunate.


Hanazono Manju Shinjuku Main Store

In Japanese confectionery restaurant in house opposite of Hanazono-jinja Shrine, we purchase famous confection, Hanazono Manju as souvenir.

Business hours: : Weekdays 9:00-19:00
Saturday and Sunday, celebration 10:00-18:00
Holiday : None

Hanazono Manju one 378 yen


Shinjuku TOHO Building

Size of the original Godzilla head is mark! We can enjoy movie viewing and meal.


The Tokyo Metropolitan Government

From scenic dome of the top floor, we can overlook cityscape of Tokyo around.

Photo courtesy: Tokyo

540 yen with five pieces of a Ome senbei
b Metropolitan Government Japanese towel 864 yen

Best central government office building 1F in TOKYO area special product stand

Business hours: : 10:00-18:00
Holiday : New Year holidays

We see the details of store

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