Privacy Policy

Enforcement date April 1, 2014

Shinjuku Convention & Visitors Bureau (as follows "our association") determines the following privacy policy and builds structure of personal information protection and promotes protection of personal information.

1.About the acquisition of personal information

Our association acquires personal information appropriately without depending on means of false other injustice.

2.About the use of personal information

Among personal information that had you provide, you use for service improvement of Web about contents of opinion and inquiry, and, about contents of full name, address, please let me use only for the certification identification for reply and confirmation. Other than these purposes, we do not use at all. About personal information that we acquired in the use of other services, we use as far as it is necessary for offer of service that had you apply.

3.About safety management of personal information

Our association takes necessary and appropriate measures for safety management of prevention or other personal information of leak, loss of personal information to deal with or damage.

4.About trust of personal information

We perform necessary and appropriate supervision for the third party concerned so that our association conducts a fair investigation into the third party concerned when we entrust third party with all or part of privacy policy, and safety management of personal information consigned the handling to is planned.

5.About disclosure, correction of personal information

When there is request of disclosure about personal information of self from the person, our association discloses immediately. We do not accept disclosure on this occasion when we cannot confirm that it is the person.

When there is error in personal content, and there is request of correction, addition and deletion from the person, after investigation, we cope with these request immediately. We do not accept these request on this occasion when we cannot confirm that it is the person.

6.Revision of this policy

This policy may revise contents depending on change of social conditions, technological change, change of environment. We shall produce effect unless our association establishes about this policy after revision separately since we published in our association website.

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