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Keio Department Store Shinjuku

Beer garden which "we taste with the five senses" in open feeling of the roof!

"Keio Asahi sky beer garden" where is very popular as summer feature every year. Discerning menu to enjoy in open feeling of the roof comes up this year!
Until Saturday, September 5.



Keio Asahi sky beer garden

In Keio Department Store, Shinjuku, we start "Keio Asahi sky beer garden" on Wednesday, July 1 this year at the Shinjuku eating house top until Saturday, September 5.

Beer garden to be able to enjoy illumination which is bright in opening-like space of the roof and menu discerning in night view of Nishishinjuku in spite of being view.
Because can order all menus except course menu in one piece of article, per person; but can enjoy casually.
In addition, we confine the number of seats to about half of usual to secure distance between customers as new coronavirus infection spread preventive measures and we carry out brisk disinfection of facility and equipment and are open.

We taste lineup of dishes of this year with the five senses! Colorful bright salad and burning hot iron plate dishes, texture eat and meet and use Gokan including enough new menus to the full, and, under the theme of menu, enjoy, and dishes whetting appetite not to be defeated by summer heat are prepared in the summer.

We hold "Keio BBQ garden" in the same roof, and the use as "another one article" and "dessert after barbecue after a meal" is possible, too.

→The details of "Keio BBQ garden" are this

"We taste with the five senses!" Discerning menu

◆Texture eat; new menu featuring answer

●750 yen covered with gizzard green onion
Cold greens which tossed cucumber in standard gizzard with green onion salt sause as snacks.
Of crunchy texture eat, and, in spite of being answer, is one article that is good in summer.

●Meat juices 1 pound of fragrant rib steak 3,980 yen every day 20 meals-limited
We provide 1 pound of thick-sliced rib steak (about 450 g) on burning hot iron plate. Flavor of garlic butter enhances heavy taste of meat. With steak sauce.

◆ju - ju ... popular iron plate menu to be madly in love, and to offer
●Madly in love! Iron plate beef horumonyaki soba 1,000 yen
Yakisoba which adds arrangement every year, and comes up. It was dynamic and put hormone sauteed vegetables on Yakisoba of large noodles this year.

We eat with muscular texture of hormone and meet and are one article of preeminence.

●teppan! 1,350 yen with sausage three kinds chorizo
Classic menu popular every year. It is in the bloom of plane, garlic onion, sausage three kinds of sharp taste chorizo.

We can change person weak in sharp taste to two kinds.

◆Bright salad menu of appearance

●- 1,500 yen with 12 kinds of vegetables dressing of colorful salad - two kinds
It is topping in lotus root Tips of texture in vegetables which are full of baby leaf and rucola, color including two colors of paprika and beetroot fast.

We grate with Italian and can enjoy with two kinds of vegetables dressing twice.

We prepare half size (900 yen).

◆Menu to enjoy flavor

●Seafood steak 1,950 yen that lemon is fragrant

Abalone, prawns, squid and summer vegetables grilled with lemon butter.
Flavor of refreshing lemon spreads through soft texture.

◆New menu of hot taste
●With spicy slaver chicken - wonton - 1,200 yen
One article that fully hung all the hot horses to chicken which we finished with moisture.
Flavor of refreshing coriander and hot sharp taste are appetizing and are recommended in hot summer.

■Per person; but enjoy very much! Only slightly recommended! Classic menu
As for the lighthearted snacks menu recommended for person to "want to drink only one cup" for work return and break.

We are available by the volume of dishes! Course menu with all-you-can-drink

Advantageous course menu with selectable all-you-can-drink prepares for three kinds of courses from several articles and 20 or more kinds of drinks including "hors d'oeuvre assortment" and meat dishes. (one set of four or more, it requires reservation)

●Special plan
(of 5400 yen per person all six articles)
・Hors d'oeuvre assortment
・Four kinds of fried food assortment
・Surloin steak
・With sausage assortment mashed potato
・Shoo ice

●Standard plan
(of 4700 yen per person all five articles)
・Black edamame, three kinds of hors d'oeuvre assortment
・Four kinds of fried food assortment
・With braised pork belly daikon stewed egg
・With sausage assortment mashed potato

●Simple plan
(of 4200 yen per person all five articles)
・Black edamame, three kinds of hors d'oeuvre assortment
・Three kinds of fried food assortment
・Guangdong siomai
・With sausage assortment mashed potato

Selectable all-you-can-drink!

●It is drink set 1,980 yen early reservation discount (*wari) service a little
*Weekdays only, early reservation discount: 17-18:00, *wari: It is limited to entering a shop for from half past 19 to half past 20
For all-you-can-drink 60 minutes (as for the use of seat 70 minutes), we can choose one kind from the following snacks.
(snacks: black edamame, soaked in cucumber one, French fries, today's snacks)

●All-you-can-drink plan 120 minutes (as for the use of seat 150 minutes) 1,950 yen
From drinks 20 or more kinds of by orders per person by foods menu 1,000 yen or more for +1,950 yen
We prepare for selectable all-you-can-drink plan.


The Keio Department Store Shinjuku roof

〒160-8321 1-1-4, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo



Each JR, private railroad, subway line Shinjuku Station 1-minute walk

Business period, time

From 17:00 to 22:00 (on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 15:00 to 22:00)

*Order is 3 0 minutes ago of closure in the last
*Entirely non-smoking
We do business at the time of stormy weather and cancel
*Open may be changed.

*It is closed for shop holiday on Tuesday, August 18

We make a reservation and are asked the details

Telephone: TEL. 03-5321-5349 (direct)

Reservation site (only as for the banquet menu): "Keio Asahi sky beer garden"


Keio Department Store Shinjuku official website


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