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Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo

Theme is image color of spring

Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo is open with special Afternoon Tea "pink Afternoon Tea" in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the opening in "garden lounge" from Monday, March 2 to Thursday, April 30.

*Photograph is image for two people  

Pink Afternoon Tea

Under the theme of spring image color, it is Afternoon Tea which prepared sweets and savoury using various pink ingredients including berry and Rose. As for the sweets, you can enjoy type-rich taste including tart lemonade which you finished with glass dessert which repeated gelee of Rose on the blancmanger of lychee other than menus such as shortcake or pound cake of strawberry to make with traditional recipe that has been inherited in successive chef patissier, pink tart dough and cream. It was playing with a ball hitting with the hand-style and savoury was pretty, and prepared menu which was gorgeous visually including potato salad of beetroot which we picked up on rice salad, corn which we wrapped in smoked salmon and prosciutto ham which we finished.

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Sale period

From Monday, March 2 to Thursday, April 30

Sale store

Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo "garden lounge"

〒169-8613 1-104-19, Totsukamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Open 11:00-19:30 (L. O.19: 00)

*We will do business in 11:00-21:00 (L.O.20: 30) for the time being.


・Shortcake of strawberry
・Tart lemonade
・Gelee of blancmanger and Rose of lychee
・Pound cake of berry
・Scone (franc Boise, plane)
Jam, clotted cream, honey of cherry blossoms and cherry

・Playing with a ball hitting with the hand makeup of smoked salmon and prosciutto ham
・Potato and salad of beetroot
・Quiche of sakura shrimp
・Roll sandwich of strawberry and cream

・Tea or coffee

*We may change menu contents by the arrival situation of ingredients.


4, 840 yen (including tax, service charge)

Offer time

14:00-17:00 (two hours system)


Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo

TEL: 03-5285-1121 (main)


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