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To prayer beautiful fledglings of flowers

Held "... in Keio Plaza Hotel to young birds which pray, and are beautiful of the Doll's Festival - flowers to enjoy at hotel" until Thursday, March 26.

The Doll's Festival to enjoy at hotel 

Held "... in Keio Plaza Hotel to young birds which pray, and are beautiful of the Doll's Festival - flowers to enjoy at hotel" from Sunday, February 1 to Thursday, March 26.

We will offer Special Menu that each chef makes in the image of the Doll's Festival in restaurant lounge of 7 stores in hall. (until Tuesday, March 31)

Prawns young bird which chose Italian that appearance full of senses of fun that we colored item of the Doll's Festival and expressed with bright ingredients was pretty, Imperial Palace binani
You can enjoy the Doll's Festival in every form in total in feeling and the scene including Afternoon Tea of nest of boxes which dessert which imaged Japanese dishes included in one article of one article carefulness including hail deep frying, cherry blossoms inariya diamond shaped rice cake was put in.

In addition, "flower" including peach and Tachibana having meaning to add though we hang and display decoration, and to pray for healthy growth of girl this year of pure silk Kofu where display of no charge for admission is carried out in hall from Saturday, February 1 to Thursday, March 26, and handicraft of more than 6,000 handstitches having favorable reception every year ranged
Display such as flower bowl or fusuma picture of dynamic cherry blossoms dressed in flowers on theme performs this.

Furthermore, we will hold event to be able to enjoy "ready-made decoration handicraft classroom" "flower arrangement workshop" "concert playing spring with piano or shakuhachi" with lunch and special dessert for by for each one day.

Reception of ready-made decoration and tiered stand for dolls of pure silk Kofu and flower

The preparation by ready-made decoration and shintaryojinkei of pure silk Kofu.
We prayed for happiness of girl and healthy growth magnificently while and thanking thought of builder sent to one one of the hina decorations which were 絇 * and decorated with true heart.
Tiered stand for dolls of shintaryojinkei catching authorization as person of only legitimate tradition of kimono-dressed wooden doll from Kamigamo Shrine of Kyoto appears gorgeously.

On 28th, we hold event to be able to enjoy experience-based production and lunch of work of ready-made decoration in February.

We produce handicraft of peach blossom this year.

From Saturday, February 1 to Thursday, March 26 *The last day until ... 15:00
The third-floor/main lobby, the second-floor/restaurant stiffness Dole others [no charge for admission]

Cooperation: shintaryojinkei, Mitsuyo Matsuo and sunflower group, nonno

Special Menu & talk workshop in celebration of the Doll's Festival 

We will offer Special Menu of the Doll's Festival at in-house restaurant lounge 7 store in March in February. [from Saturday, February 1 to Tuesday, March 31]

In addition, experience-based production & special lunch "ready-made decoration work classroom" and flower arrangement workshop & special dessert "ohanaoikemasho, momonohana" will hold concert.

Please participate. 

Inquiry, reservation restaurant reservation TEL. 03-3344-0111 (main) 



Keio Plaza Hotel
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