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Kawaii tea party which Alice and Christmas ornaments hold

In Hilton Tokyo the first floor "marble lounge," new dessert Buffet starts "whimsical Christmas tea party of Alice" at Friday, November 15 when hotel is colored by Christmas decoration and illuminations all at once in all facilities during period until Wednesday, December 25.

Whim Christmas tea party of Alice

If Alice that swallow up "drink me" who is famous for story of Alice, and has become small visits country of ornament on Christmas; ...

It overflows in rich color and we give under the theme of tea party on slightly mysterious Christmas when ornament and the miniature decorations hold with Alice on various Christmas and do new dessert buffet developed in executive pastry chef of Hilton Tokyo, dreamworld full of senses of fun of Osamu Harita (haritaosamu). In space enlivening wakuwaku feeling that totally looks in toy box, you can enjoy German high quality tea brand, about 20 kinds of drinks containing tea of ronneferuto 30 kinds of new item sweets & savoury of Christmas or more with mini-concert of violin.

Season when downtown is surrounded by gorgeous Christmas illuminations. At this time to be in high spirits, we learn illusion that magic of mysterious story that we imagined in childhood is actually performed. Ornament and toy displayed on Christmas tree begin to work without permission at midnight, and rabbit and chessboard coming up in story of Alice set mischief and.

In dessert buffet of this year last Alice where "marble lounge" which basic tone is filled with in trendy check design and lattice pattern and colorful Christmas ornament gives red and gold like Christmas, please enjoy teatime on gorgeous Christmas.

Let orange, lemon, cinnamon, anis work for "Hatta" and red wine to make with terrine chocolate which made constant seller, hatter of Alice motif; mulled wine-style; "is on Christmas, let alone drink me" (* 1), offer sweets on new item Christmas by chef *den.

*It is 1 Christmas, drink me

*Pig ornament of 2 Queen of Hearts

Hall cake coloring buffet stand gorgeously has walnut and almond which they tossed in honey in nougat Montelimar, and "both stripe and dot like lease model mousse cake of pear which spicy ganache which let apple and kyatoruepisu which did "pig ornament which skirt-style finished of Queen of Hearts of Queen of Hearts" (* 2), kyaramerize with chocolate powder of rouge et noir work moved flavor that tonka bean is generous with exquisite "Christmas apple lease of Alice" (* 3), coconut mousse to" You can enjoy "Christmas shortcake a la Alice" that added mischievous heart like Alice to others, basic strawberry shortcake (* 4).

*Christmas apple lease of 3 Alice

*4 Christmas shortcake a; la Arisu

A lot of sweets to offer in pretty Small portion even if we serve to dish are lineups. "Little tree & microskirt ornament" (* 5) is pretty Christmas tree-shaped sweet which we had raspberry in in heavy pistachio and cream of marron on the biscuit. Wrapped up orange and system failure of confit and macadamia nuts of chestnut with cream of blond chocolate do Ruse, and posted star-shaped chocolate; "aim at top star of tree", and "gugelhupf" which seems to be "lime and eclair of chocolate" and Christmas others, "macaron" can enjoy baked confectioneries such as "carrot cake".

 *5 little tree & microskirt ornaments

We add drink to selections such as normal coffee or cappuccino and offer ten kinds of tea of German high quality tea brand "ronneferuto". Please enjoy about 20 kinds containing congenial tea with "Irish malt" and dessert including "vanilla spiced tea". 6 meters of Christmas trees appear in the lounge center, and please spend teatime on gorgeous Christmas to give for view of the world of dreamy Alice whimsically in "marble lounge" enlivening fesutibu feeling.

Marble lounge introspectiveness


Friday, November 15 ~12 25 days a month Wednesday


2:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.


3,800 yen Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 3,950 yen per person *Consumption tax, road according to service charge


Drink of 30 kinds of sweets & savoury to give under the theme of Alice & Christmas and about 20 kinds


"Marble lounge" (Hilton Tokyo 1F)


Hilton Tokyo
〒160-0023 6-6-2, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo



TEL 03-3344-5111 (main)
*Restaurant reservation time 10:00-21:00 


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