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Bridge ... to victory to join together in RUGBY COCKTAIL - cocktail

We hold bridge ... to victory to join together in RUGBY COCKTAIL - cocktail in Keio Plaza Hotel until from Saturday, June 1 to Saturday, November 30.


Bridge ... to victory to join together in ... cocktail
Sports "rugby" to attract tackle and person watching in development full of sense of speed clashing with every effort.
Attention gathers this year because meeting is held in Japan.
Please enjoy hot fight with six kinds of cocktail associated with rule and position of rugby.

(from the photograph left)

"Screw pass" (about 2.1% of smart cocktail ... low alcohol/alcohol percentage)

Pass which is used many by rugby. On the name of screw, it is cocktail which saltiness and sweetness of passion, depth of coriander unified to material of Screwdriver.

"No. 8"

Star position No. 8 in rugby with speed necessary for power and Bucks necessary for forward. We expressed delicacy both sides as strength.

"After match function"

Party that player, the staff, referees of team which fought after the game gather in a large hall, and praises each other's lucks. We prepared aperitif which used Japanese material in commemoration of own country holding abundantly.

"Try - conversion goal"

Traditional league match "six nation" which is competed for in European strong country. We imaged state that many tries were decided in cocktail using materials of six countries, areas that participated and created cocktail which could enjoy taste of twice by one glass.

"Blurring Eve Blossom"

Nickname of rugby representative from Japan. We crossed ginger, material of the sum including perilla to cherry tree of origin of nickname and, in meaning to support team of own country holding, offered based on sake.


One of the plays scrum to represent rugby. It is exotic cocktail using material of eight kinds of all the countries of the world with powerful state of eight forward players.


is holding from From Saturday, June 1 to Saturday, November 30

Store: The second-floor/main bar <Briand> the third floor/<cocktail & tea lounge> the 45th floor/skylounge <aurora>

Rate: One cup of 2,200 yen (it includes service charge, tax)

*One younger than 20 years is not available.

*Stated value includes all service charge, tax.
*The photograph is for illustrative purposes only. By season, food type and tableware may be changed.


We toast with beer of rugby skilled player five countries!

(from the photograph left) 

"Fuller Golden pride" (England) 1,600 yen
Genuine ale which is recommended to "authority of beer." Strong ale which sweetness and exquisite balance of bitterness are heavy, and is high in flavor.

"Victoria bitters" (Australia) 1,700 yen
Beer which is swallowed up most in Australia. Beer which it is easy to drink with bitterness of outstanding hop, wild and refreshing flavor.

"munsutorippususumokiuito" (Scotland) 1,800 yen
White ale which performed smoking of wheat in Pete of Ira Island is Scottish's original style. It is ability of world No. 1 in WBA2018 smoke section.

"OHARA's Irishman red" (Ireland) 1,500 yen
Pioneer of Irish craft beer. Bitterness that we got of harmony, the finest fluency, red ale characterized by sweetness modest kindly.

"Stein rugger is pure" (New Zealand); 1,600 yen
National beer which is loved most in New Zealand. Flavor of hop and good beer which went berserk, and was superior in taste, balance of aftertaste without added flavor in the course of the brewing. Official beer of representative from rugby New Zealand team.


[offer store]
The second-floor/Allday second Inge <forest>

The second-floor/Super buffet <grass court>

The second-floor/Chinese food <Nanen>

The second-floor/Japanese dishes <sew>

The second-floor/main bar <Briand>

The third-floor/<cocktail & tea lounge>
The 45th-floor/skylounge <aurora>


*Stated value includes all service charge, tax.
*The photograph is for illustrative purposes only. By season, food type and tableware may be changed.


Rugby large country wine fair!

 [offer store] 
We provide in the direct management restaurant & bar lounge.
*Forest, duet, kyuheiei, the foot shop are excluded.
*Brand of wine varies according to store and periods.

Rugby wine menu


For more information: → English official site

       →Japanese official site


Keio Plaza Hotel
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It is a 5-minute walk from the Shinjuku Station west exit


Inquiry, reservation to the following.

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