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"Alice in Rose labyrinth"

We start new dessert fair "Alice in Rose labyrinth" on Friday, September 6 in Hilton Tokyo the first floor "marble lounge" until Wednesday, November 6.

"Alice in Rose labyrinth" dessert buffet

You can enjoy sweets and higher than 30 kinds of savoury which got idea from story of Alice in overwhelming beautiful space to elaborate in rose and mirror and send elegant Afternoon Tea appropriate for autumn of art including demystification and art appreciation, classic live performance. Drink offers about 20 kinds that increased German high quality tea brand, tea selection ten kinds of ronneferuto, and woodblock artist playing an active part at home and abroad, luncheon mat and napkin of original art by Mr. Mitsushige Nishiwaki (nishiwakimitsushige) direct table coordinates gorgeously.

Heart labyrinth of Alice

It begins for fair of Alice held in 2016 and images sweet tea party in the world of trap (trap) which is dark slightly which Alice that this fair to continue for "Alice in Halloween trick" and "Alice in Christmas magic" in 2018 when we recorded the number of 29,000 visitors hesitates about rose and labyrinth of mirror, and was crowded meets with in about one and a half months and tricky mirror and there. The world to make artistic dessert which executive pastry chef Osamu Harita deals with and European noble hall with beautiful space direction to make think, and to give sends charm of story of another Alice that is beautiful so that sigh leaks unintentionally that is not only pretty thoroughly.

*31st from October 1 can enjoy Halloween sweets. 
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[cooperation: Alice on Wednesday, woodblock artist Mitsushige Nishiwaki, demystification, mystery event production group Q (heart) pid]

[about "Alice of Wednesday"]
Concept shop which featured the theme of "Alice in Wonderland." Photogenic space that not only original cake and akuse which made Arisu motif are equal about 4,000 kinds, but also expressed view of the world of wonderland is extreme popularity in SNS. It is popular shop which a lot of tourists from home and abroad visit. (the present, 4 stores of Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka. )
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 From Friday, September 6 to Wednesday, November 6


2:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.


3,800 yen Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 3,950 yen per person *Consumption tax, road according to service charge


30 or more kinds of sweets & savoury and about 20 kinds of drink selections to give under the theme of Alice


Hilton Tokyo the first floor "marble lounge"


Hilton Tokyo
〒160-0023 6-6-2, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo



Alice of Wednesday, woodblock artist Mitsushige Nishiwaki, demystification, mystery event production group Q (heart) pid


TEL 03-3344-5111 (main)
*Restaurant reservation time 10:00-21:00 


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