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Hilton Tokyo Valentine's Day gift

We sell Valentine chocolate in Hilton Tokyo the first floor "chocolate boutique" and the second-floor "patty sherry FILOU" during period of from Friday, February 1 to Thursday, February 14.

[cat's-eye] Assorted six chocolate    


It is unfolded under the theme of "strawberry" Valentine chocolate "cat" "Paris" in 2019

 In Hilton Tokyo the first floor "chocolate boutique" and the second-floor "patty sherry FILOU," we sell Valentine chocolate during period on Thursday, February 14 from Friday, February 1, 2019. Match with strawberry dessert buffet "strawberry CATS collection" of hotel the first-floor "marble lounge" and "cat" gives "Paris" under the theme of "strawberry" and does theme of Valentine chocolate of this year.

[strawberry] With 11 chocolate truffles

"Cat's-eye" reflecting the image of eyes of cat which changed in various colors by trick of the light (2,500 yen) packed ganache chocolate of six flavor into with original illustration box by woodblock artist Mitsushige Nishiwaki. "Red cat's-eye" of raspberry & Rose ganache can enjoy "yellow cat's-eye" others of citron passion, salt caramel, pistachio, Better Orange, flavor of coconut & cassis.

[Moulins rouge] Four set

Chocolate stick "Moulins rouge" that bright red and gold are impressive (2,000 yen) is assorted chocolate which we put form of impeller of windmill and gorgeous images of Odoriko together according to the name and had. Gold finish is made on ganache which combined raspberry, strawberry, passion fruit with base with ruby chocolate exquisitely.
11 chocolate truffles of flavor various as for "strawberry assortment box" (3,600 yen | medium size) in chocolate-box of form of strawberry to set. In addition, we offer most suitable "confiture chocolate" or "sable chocolate" in 450 yen ... to trade with you use and friend.

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The sale date and time

From Friday, February 1 to Thursday, February 14


"Cat's-eye" 2,500 yen

"Moulins rouge" 2,000 yen

"Strawberry assortment box" 3,600 yen

*It includes consumption tax


Patty sherry the second-floor Hilton Tokyo 1F "chocolate boutique" "FILOU]


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