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Latest; "want to go now! Shinjuku Golden Gai release!

*. . : *Even ゜ beginner was reliable, and the latest Shinjuku Golden Gai guidebook of assent released master! ゜ *:. . : *



The mook "JG MOOK" by Shinjuku - Imperial garden - Yotsuya town magazine "JG" released on Tuesday, April 24 series fourth "want to go now! The latest edition of Shinjuku Golden Gai.

The number of the publication stores increased in 229 stores from 218 stores and powered up gourmet and history information!
Town, Shinjuku which charm adds to more and more. Golden Gai is area that overflowed in deeper charm in that.

In late years young manager came to open a store in various concepts one after another and, let alone history deep long-established store shop, added to charm more.
The nostalgic cityscape is quite popular with foreign tourists! It becomes cross-cultural place of exchange.

From business hours to having charge or not, helpful information loads to full capacity to be able to enjoy such a Golden Gai in peace!

It becomes the latest guidebook understanding 〟 in 〝 now of Golden Gai. 

As Q&A about MAP and Golden Gai Golden Gai includes, it is one which wants to last to attendant by all means!


It is ... more!

KOM_I (Suiyoi no Campanella) of artist who does not let pub crawl feature pick off Shiro Sano of actor, two of NON STYLE of comedian, the most top of talent comes, and familiar artist Vivien Sato appears by serialization of "JG"!

We record state to go barhopping in Golden Gai in each viewpoint!


*** main contents ***

●It is pub crawl in Golden Gai
(as for actor, Shiro Sano / comedian, NON STYLE / artist KOM_I (Suiyoi no Campanella) / talent, the best)

●All 229 well-known store catalogues

●Golden Gai now and the bygone days photograph with recollection of person of town

●Shinjuku Golden Gai 40 years to look back on map ago

●10th is Golden Gai in week of artist Vivien Sato

●A great variety of Golden Gai recommended gourmet

●Is useful for Golden Gai beginner with handspike gu Q&A; computer word

●[discount] Moms of Golden Gai


Issue date

April 24, 2018

The list price

System unit 1,389 yen (+ tax)




Shinjuku - Imperial garden - Yotsuya town magazine "JG" editorial department


Shinjuku Golden Gai trade association, Shinjuku Sanko mall promotion association, flower garden booth keeper business cooperative, Shinjuku sightseeing promotion association, the Kabuki-cho town management


Official site

"We want to go now! In the handling stores of Shinjuku Golden Gai,
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