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The Doll's Festival to enjoy at hotel

Doll's Festival from Thursday, February 1 to Thursday, March 29 [no charge for admission] to enjoy at hotel 

We start special display of the Doll's Festival that attracted "ready-made decorations" on Thursday, February 1 in Keio Plaza Hotel until Thursday, March 29.

"Ready-made decoration of pure silk Kofu" having favorable reception scale-ups to approximately 6,800 total number every year. One one of the ready-made decorations is lovely and thought to pray for happiness of child and healthy growth is loaded with.

Please enjoy spring day by the Doll's Festival of hotel.

The details of event are this → Keio Plaza Hotel official site

It is voice of admiration to ready-made decoration of pure silk Kofu magnificent beautifully unintentionally

We get 1 stitch on one stitch from generation to generation using valuable pure silk Kofu such as kimonos which have been inherited, and Mitsuyo Matsuo of kilt writer and member total number approximately 90 of sunflower group gave "ready-made decoration", and are work which was made with Keio Plaza Hotel to display.

In handicraft, love in hope of healthy growth of child is put. As for the monkey, "evil goes away", and, as for the mandarin duck, "couple is happy", and, as for the pillow, each has a meaning "sleeping child is brought up, to be brought up in good health".

It is central in tiered stand for dolls of shintaryojinkei receiving authorization as person of only authentic linkage tradition of kimono-dressed wooden doll from Kamigamo Shrine of Kyoto and hangs these handicraft from 3.3 meters of height in the third-floor main lobby and invites customer gorgeously.

It is perfect photospot where many customers coming to beauty and the majesty from the world raise admiration with.

Solemn charm of Japanese traditional culture "incense"

"Incense" was transmitted with Buddhism in Japan in the Asuka era and developed in Japan's original culture as song and story, elegant play tied to seasonal taste as small tools of service and appearance again afterwards.

We lighted and loaded apparel with the smell of incense-perfumed clothes that mixed in combination incense raw materials as noble culture in the Heian era and we gave and got, and incense culture as hobby flowered. When it was the Kamakura era, scented wood with flavor that was sei* was praised to the skies as from samurai and form to hear flavor deeply was fixed and developed as accomplishments (incense smelling).

We get cooperation of well-established "Matsuka Yamada tree shop" and Kyoto-shi of Kyoto and introduce features every times of such an incense culture with valuable tradition industrial art object and scented wood and read the history. In addition, we hold Miyabi nakana calligraphy exhibition that displays work of incense smelling tool by well-known writers such as Wajima lacquering technique or Karatsu porcelain, and wrote 31-syllable Japanese poem concerning "incense" composed on with "The Tale of Genji" or "collection of ancient and modern times".

Special Menu & talk workshop in celebration of the Doll's Festival 

Luncheon which we offer Special Menu of the Doll's Festival at in-house restaurant lounge 10 store during period, and experience-based production of "ready-made decoration handicraft", talk about "incense culture", experience-based course of incense smelling can enjoy each holds. In addition, we are going to perform workshop of scent bag for overseas visit to Japan visitors in lobby. Please participate. 

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