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Higher-grade "Mother's Day" to mother!

We offer plan that we can experience in mother daughter and families together for "Mother's Day" in Hyatt Regency Tokyo!
How about giving mother who is always taken care of that it remains in memory in what we experience not "thing" together with everyday thanks this year?

We give healing and beauty!
Is mother daughter in spa treatment of spa & wellness "Joule"; together!

If it is gift having mother refresh heart and body with everyday thanks, treatment of spa & wellness "Joule" is recommended.
As women-only twin room prepares as for "the Joule" attracting support that technique and hospitality are high in from authority of beauty together, mother daughter can have you receive treatment together.
Furthermore, we offer spa Mir after treatment.
You can spend slowly without minding time in relaxation space while enjoying scenery from high hierarchy.
Would you like to spend an important time with mother while talking to everyday share a lot in "Mother's Day?"

The details from this ⇒ spa & wellness "Joule"

Spa & wellness "Joule"

In spa & wellness "Joule," you can choose from celebrities of the world in physical condition and feeling on the day including "Joule" to pressure Gokan to work on in treatment of all hands which made much of flow of mind including treatment of supported French luxury skin care brand "biorojikkurushierushu" original treatment in total.

[business hours]

[treatment menu example]

Lunch buffet of the weekend is recommended if we celebrate "Mother's Day" in families!

Perfect location facing Midori of Shinjuku Central Park from big window holds plan to be informed everyday thanks with delicious meal in "Mother's Day", "weekend lunch buffet with drink for toast & carnation" in attractive Allday dining "cafe".
It is lineup with a lot of menus other than pasta selectable with the most popular juicy roast beef and sauce and noodles, burning hot pizza in curry of beef sinew and vegetables, stewed veal, pilaf of sakura shrimp, wide generation including warm dish of popularity. Drink available from 20 kinds or more is charm of "cafe". In addition, we provide "foie gras bowl" at table for one dish of chef.
Please use family around mother all together at this opportunity.
The details are lunch buffets from this in weekend with ⇒ drink for toast & carnation

Allday dining "cafe"
Weekend lunch buffet with drink for toast & carnation

Period Saturdays, Sundays and holidays of April 29, 2017 (soil, holiday) - Sunday, May 14
[time] From 11:30 to 13:10 / from 13:30 to 15:10 (two part system)
[rate]  Adult 4,208 yen (5,000)

 *() is payment amount of money that service charge, consumption tax was included in.
 *One 65 years or older is the rate, too.
 *Please inquire for primary schoolchild, rate of 3-5-year-old child.

Sitting person 36 years or older utilizes special offer to be able to enjoy with special price in "Mother's Day"!

Young generations 35 years or younger present special time to mother while experiencing genuine taste and service by yourself.
Special offer to have young generations 35 years or younger experience genuine taste and service with French restaurant "cuisine[s]Michelle Troisgros" "Pour Une Première (beginning of trip...We are offering).
That there are not one where we usually feel the threshold to be high for French restaurant and opportunity to readily visit touch "genuine article" with family and friend, and how about utilizing this special offer providing in valuable thought to want you to experience to be provided only in what we taste as present in "Mother's Day?" If one 35 years or younger is same, mother is available with special price, too.

The details from this ⇒ "cuisine[s]Michelle Troisgros"

Special offer for 35 years old or younger "Pour Une Première (beginning of trip…)"



*Rate is payment amount of money that service charge, consumption tax was included in.
*This special offer is limited in the number of the seats. In addition, there is day that we cannot take advantage of including special event in particular.
*Special offer beforehand after reservation for 35 years old or younger "Pour Une Première (beginning of trip...Please order the effect using).
*In the case of visit, please show age or identification card which the date of birth was listed in.
*We indicate special price for one of attendance 36 years or older.
*Forgive combination with other special treatments.

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