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Western cooking ricksha station business
Western cooking ricksha station business "summer special course"

We offer "summer special course" by Western cooking ricksha station business until Thursday, August 10! Almost summer. We enjoy the cool air and eat lobster & steak and acquire physical strength…

Hilton Tokyo
Marriage of Marie Antoinette

In Hilton Tokyo the first floor marble lounge, it is open by really romantic dessert fair under the theme of marriage of Marie Antoinette until Saturday, September 30…

Keio Plaza Hotel
Princess mermaid who is in love in midsummer

We hold "Princess mermaid who is in love in midsummer" in Keio Plaza Hotel until from Saturday, July 1 to Sunday, September 10.

Shinjuku Central Park others
Shinjuku cinema & Baru WEEK

Premium composite event to be able to enjoy Shinjuku including view free cinema screening and Baru event! Period from Monday, July 24 to 29th Saturday

Isetan Shinjuku store
Italian beer garden to taste in Isetan

Vacation to taste in the urban middle! Beer garden opens in the roof of Isetan Shinjuku store from Wednesday, July 5 to Sunday, September 24!

Beer garden of the modern sum

We are holding "the Tokyo small sky" this year in the LUMINE 1 roof! It is rooftop beer garden which is modern by fashion that featured the theme of “ Japan (Tokyo) "……

Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo
Stay plan enjoying summer

In Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo, we carry out various stays plan summer-limited than Saturday, July 1.

Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku
We are delighted with outside beer!

We are holding "three beer terraces" in Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku. Expect skyscrapers from Shinjuku Station in a 1-minute walk, and is opening-like feeling; toast! Until Monday, October 30

Keio Department Store Shinjuku
We drink and can enjoy comparing!

We are holding "Keio Asahi sky beer garden" of favorable reception as summer feature in Keio Department Store, Shinjuku every year. Drink menu is volume up more this year! bi…

It is vacance in beach of Shinjuku!

"Wild beach Shinjuku" opens in the LUMINE EST roof on Saturday, April 29! "Cafe, barbecue, 3 of Grand Ping" that featured the theme of "vacance"…

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