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Hyatt Regency Tokyo
We thoroughly enjoy meat dishes a whole bunch!

In "cafe of Hyatt Regency Tokyo," it is T-bone steak and buffalo chicken, 600 g of roast beef, king size with foie gras…

Takano Fruit Parlor Shinjuku Main Store
shunka collection of Takano Fruit Parlor!

It was season when strawberry was delicious with coming of spring! It is person with product target for 2,017 years in Takano Fruit Parlor all the stores during period of from Friday, January 6 to Friday, March 31…

Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo
We enjoy spring with two cherry tree stays

Plan "Tokyo cherry tree stay 2017" of two to enjoy spring in Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo during period of from Wednesday, March 1 to Sunday, April 30 "girls cherry trees…

Keio Plaza Hotel
It is popular every year! "Ready-made decoration" beautiful sweetly

We are holding special display of the Doll's Festival that attracted "ready-made decorations" in Keio Plaza Hotel until March 27. "Ready-made decoration of pure silk Kofu" which has favorable reception every year…

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