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2018 Must-see Places search ranking

We introduce ten places of high ranks where there were many searches of Must-see Places in ranking in 2018!
Please go to visit if you find curious spot♪

The first place: Osumi garden

Compromise between Japanese and European styles-type garden with large lawn and pond. It is popular spot that can enjoy different faces every season.

The garden that is full of green not to think of to be the downtown area is loved as oasis by many people.

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The second place: iwashimashinsha (batsubenten)

iwashimashinsha which Yoshiie Minamotono prayed for in old days. There is an anecdote about Itsukushima Shrine and Yoshiie Minamoto.

It is believed as wife of chief zen-priest company, so-called batsubenten where hardship is come through by general public and is counted in one of the Shinjuku hilly section Seven Deities of Good Luck.

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The third place: Taiso-ji (Taiso-Temple)

The temple is regarded as "Shinjuku mini-museum" as you can observe several historically improtant cultural assets .

The official name is temple of the Jodo sect of Buddhism called "kasumisekisanhonkakuintashuji".

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The fourth place: Seseragi no Sato Park

It is approximately 8,000 square meters of extensive parks prepared into above ground part of sewerage treatment facility.

The murmuring is made in garden, and, as for the rotation, grove of miscellaneous trees mainly composed of co-Japanese oaks opens. In the open spaces where well-kept flower bed and playground equipment were put. Colored leaves enjoy in azalea, autumn and can enjoy place of suitable playing in the water and seasonal face in the summer in spring.

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The fifth place: Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden Kyu-Goryo-Tei(Taiwan Pavilion)

In commemoration of marriage of the Emperor Showa, we are donated by volunteers of Japanese resident in Taiwan at the time. As a few buildings in Japan of authentic Chinese building, we are judged to be valuable.

We can look at Japanese garden from the inside.

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The sixth place: NEWoMan

Commercial facilities of Shinjuku Station direct connection.

Place for all new women living in the new times.

Of genres various as well as fashion from all over the world choose, and only experiences that are quality are collected.

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The seventh place: Tokyo Some Monogatari Museum

We introduce technique and work of dyeing mainly on east dyed goods after Kyoto design fine pattern and Edo printed cotton.

Visit or experience of studio are possible, too (necessary thing has reservation).

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The eighth place: TOKYO TOY MUSEUM

Using school building of elementary school closed down, we display 5,000 points mainly on toy of tree. You can enjoy watching toys from Japan and overseas and playing some board games.

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The ninth place: Cinema Qualite

Mini theater which shows really interesting movie of no holds barred.

We can get into the world of movie with VDT which created view of the world of work.

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The tenth place: Yakuo-in (Higashi Hasedera Temple)

It is famous for peony, so is also know as the peony temple.

You can see scene elegant beautifully not to think of to be the downtown area over the end from the middle of April that is time of in full bloom.

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