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The 17th Shinjuku EISA Festival

EISA does in Shinjuku this summer!
Common usage, summer Shinjuku pastime that gives poetic charm "the 17th Shinjuku EISA Festival" are held every year on Saturday, July 28.
Around venue of Shinjuku main street, EISA is shown on Kabuki-cho, street of each site in Shinjuku Station east and west including the west exit.
In addition, EISA-related Okinawa event is held, too.

Shinjuku EISA Festival



EISA is performing the prayer's dance to send ancestor performed on the last day (old calendar July 15) of Bon according to the old calendar out to the next world. The Bon Festival of Okinawa is practiced in three days from July 13 of the old calendar to July 15, and, in strong Okinawa of ancestor worship, as for the tray, it is event important at all.


On 13th, we prepare cleaning of Buddhist altar and offering in "Kay (meeting) yes" and receive ancestor's soul. We offer feast to Buddhist altar at three night and do and, during period of tray, see off Senzo with all family and the relatives. And it is EISA to be danced noisily in each place to send ancestor out.

Summer when Shinjuku is hot! "Shinjuku EISA Festival"

"Shinjuku EISA Festival" began in 2002 and became charming sights of summer Shinjuku.

Dancers gather in Shinjuku from each places of the whole country and show unique EISA in main street and venue of Shinjuku.

Many people visit Shinjuku for this EISA every year and show upsurge.

Conduct venue

Around Shinjuku Station east exit and west exit

We move to the west exit, each venue including Kabuki-cho and unfold at night.

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Allied event

■Okinawa music Festival

Okinawa music FestivalKazufumi Miyazawa of former THE BOOM joins special guest this year.

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  • [Date and Time] Saturday, July 29
  • Place: Shinjuku Cultural Center


Shinjuku EISA Festival meet Committee official site
TEL: 03-6681-4858

*Telephone receptionist is from 10:00 to 18:00 on weekdays


[sponsorship] Shinjuku EISA Festival meet Committee

[the cosponsorship]

  • Odori, Shinjuku mall promotion association
  • Shinjuku east exit mall promotion association
  • Kabuki-cho mall promotion association
  • Shinjuku station square mall promotion association
  • Shinjuku culture booth keeper shop society
  • 2, Kabukicho quotient interest society
  • 1, Nishishinjuku mall promotion association
  • Nishishinjuku quotient interest society



  • Shinjuku-ku
  • Okinawa
  • Naha-shi
  • Sightseeing in Okinawa convention bureau
  • Shinjuku Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Tokyo Tours foundation
  • Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Shinjuku branch office
  • Shinjuku future creation foundation


(performance photograph in page is thing at the time of holding last year)


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