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This year in Shinjuku-ku beer gardens
Toast spot comes up one after another!
As we add information at any time,
If think that is, "want to drink"; is check ヾ (=^ ▽ ^=) no immediately

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Okubo Park "TOKYO KANPAI FESTIVAL" (from 19 to 30 on September)

"Let's share happy space, time!" called "drink" But, it is entertainment X bar festival of concept!

You can enjoy liquor and delicious dishes and tension by entertainment to be finished.

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Around Shinjuku Station

LUMINE Shinjuku LUMINE 1 "LAND Meat Center" (from April 26 to October 8)

Can enjoy in opening-like rooftop filled with greenery; is "yakiniku beer garden" of "star-filled night sky.
Under the theme of "chic Bohemian," one hand can enjoy yakiniku of outdoor-style with cocktail and beer!

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Keio Department Store Shinjuku "Keio BBQ garden" (from April 19 to November 25)

Keio BBQ gardenIt is barbecue venue of the roof of Shinjuku Keio Department Store, Shinjuku which is access convenience.

As ingredients, drink carry-on is OK, what we purchase ingredients to like in food stores in the department store basement, and BBQ does is fun♪
By evening performance, night view of skyscrapers of the Shinjuku west exit and 42,000 pitches of illuminations enliven atmosphere still more!

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Flags (flags) "BBQ & beer garden by dejikyu" (from March 31 to November 25)

dejikyuIt is comfortable, clean beer garden-style stylish BBQ ground. Clearing up is unnecessary preparations for troublesome charcoal and machine parts!
Let alone discerning style BBQ that we each bring favorite ingredients, drink, we can go directly to shop empty-handed if we use ingredients reservation and all-you-can-drink!

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Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku "beer terrace" (from April 27 to October 8)

It is a 1-minute walk from Shinjuku Station! We can enjoy two different beer terrace "Jingisukan beer terraces" and "risutorantemakyaberi Shinjuku shops" of idea. For opening-like feeling desired by skyscrapers toast!

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Under the theme of rooftop vacance, three areas of beach Wood deck terrace come up to beach bed and sofa seat, "barbecue" to "beach cafe"! We can taste vacance feeling casually while being in the downtown area!

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Isetan Shinjuku store Main Building "SKY PARADISE BEER GARDEN" (from June 6 to September 30)

Theme of this year "Isetan beer garden to be able to enjoy as for the steak in the roof!"
It is reasonable and, on opening-like rooftop terrace, can enjoy steak of "- steak No.1-STAEK THE FIRST" from lunchtime.

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Hilton Tokyo "beer garden of the heavens in 2018" (from June 15 to September 16)

Hilton TokyoBeer garden of summer feature of Hilton Tokyo♪

Theme of this year is small Edoite's favorite fashion. When one pair steps in the seventh floor of the hotel, rooftop terrace overlooking skyscrapers close, food court which imaged sum umbrella and house in the Edo era appears, and festive mood increases in town-style preparation of lively Edo looking good with yukata unintentionally.

*The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

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Outer Gardens of major shrine

Meiji Jingu Gaien "beer garden of forest" (from May 19 to September 29)

Beer garden of forest

It is the 35th in this year! In summer feature of Tokyo, Meiji Jingu Gaien "beer garden of forest," you can enjoy beer or barbecue which are delicious in opening-like atmosphere among green having 1,000 seats largest in Tokyo.

*Photograph in shop is thing of last year.

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Entertainment X bar festival
Beer garden which steak can enjoy
Illuminations & barbecue!
Yakiniku beer garden of star-filled night sky
We enjoy non-daily life in beach of Shinjuku!
It is BBQ in Shinjuku Station 0-minute walk
Odakyu Department Store beer terrace
Elation! Let's toast in green
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