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Promenade of Soseki

"Soseki study" outskirts town walk MAP

We introduce the ground related to Soseki around "Soseki study". Many masterpieces are brought about, and many literary people take a walk through the ground which gathered, and would you like to spend unhurried time while feeling the world of Soseki and the literature?

There are a lot of places that can loiter as well as recommendation course.

Please drop in at CAFE SOSEKI of the Soseki study Memorial in breath of walk!



①Place of birth

Monument built in commemoration of birth 100 years is built (with brush of Nobumasa Abe of pupil). As for the name of a street called Kikuicho, father, choku* of Soseki named family coat of arms of the Natsumes for "chrysanthemum in double cross".

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②Summer Mesaka 

Slope which goes up from Babashita to southeast. Father, choku* of Soseki is named.


When Yasushi Nakayama soldier of the Imperial Guard (later forty-seven ronin Yasubee Horibe) rushes to duel of Takadanobaba, it is informed that it swallowed up sake sold by the shot in this shop. There was the birthplace of Soseki in the neighbor.


Temple which comes up in "glass door" as "kanke;keiji" "seikanji" in "210 days." Thing which is different from "gong" which there is the ward oldest temple bell, but is written in work.

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⑤The Soseki study building Memorial

Place where there was house which spent time until we died in (1916) in 1916 from (1907) September in 1907. This house was called "Soseki study", and many disciples gathered for "Thursday party". A part of site becomes "Soseki Park", and there are bust of Soseki of Naoki Tominaga product and "grave of cat".

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CAFE SOSEKI (the Shinjuku Ward Soseki study Memorial)

CAFE SOSEKI is Book Cafe in the Shinjuku Ward Soseki study Memorial.
You can enjoy Japanese confectionery and programming fluid associated with Soseki Natsume.
Please spend time relaxedly while reading Soseki work and book concerned.

Introduction of kuu* monaka set

Well-established Japanese confectionery shop "kuu*" of Ginza to appear if "I am cat."

Famous "kuu*, too, or" is still made carefully at store of Ginza.

We provide with drink and set.


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⑥Ana Hachiman Shrine

Wife, Kyoko prayed at using a charm to cure the child's nervous weakness of Soseki. It is famous for lucky charm of "the eleventh lunar month" distributed from winter solstice to Setsubun.

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⑦Waseda University (former Tokyo technical school)

Soseki served lecturer to (1895) from (1892) for 28 years in 1892.

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It did well by establishment of kobutetsudoushikomi*shajo as development, hilly section first-rate downtown. It appeared in many works, and it was Kagurazaka that Soseki and Kyoko who made marriage meeting passed each other.

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⑨Straw shop (guardian deity of children slope)

Guardian deity of children slope neighborhood that broke out in Fukuromachi from Kagurazaka has been ever called straw shop. Kazuyoshi shop bower (waradanatei) right here was variety hall which was good at colored articles storytelling, and foot filler ku went Soseki of rakugo enthusiast.


Gyunabe shop which Kan Kikuchi and Haruo Sato, Kafu Nagai and others went along. It becomes fruit shop later and became Western food restaurant at the beginning in the Taisho era, but closes a shop in (2002) in 2002.

⑪Good country temple (the god of treasure)

It is got close by nickname of "Bishamon", and bustle of fair comes out in "son". This temple where vermilion coating gets a lot of looks is one of "7, Yamanote, Shinjuku Fukugami".

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Stationery shop founded in the Edo era. Soseki used manuscript paper here, too. We can obtain manuscript paper of "product made in Soma-ya" now (thing which is different from Soseki study manuscript paper which treated crown of Goyo Hashiguchi design.).

⑬Tokyo University of Science (former Tokyo physics school)

Setting that "son" is from Tokyo physics school. School building built in 1906 is restored and is released as "Museum of Modern Science" now. We can observe interesting display mainly on "history of computing machine" in hall. (admission for free)

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