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"Coca-Cola X Shinjuku" new Shinjuku souvenir birth!

Shinjuku souvenir which is new to tourist of ... home and abroad -

"Shinjuku Tourist Information Center" (the following, "the information desk") is located in the JR Shinjuku Station southeast Exit immediate Koshu Highway underpass, and it is used regardless of home and abroad from December, 2016 of opening by many tourists. By the end of January, 2019, the number of the totals of the number of the people of visit to an office breaks through 530,000 people, and daily an average of about 700 people use. In the information desk, we sell various tickets including guidebook.

Shinjuku sightseeing promotion association which ran the cause, bureau of cooperation of coca Coe laboratory tola Japan started sale in the information desk in "Coca-Cola" slim bottle Shinjuku original BOX. Furthermore, we aim at fixation as new Shinjuku souvenir for tourist coming from home and abroad to offer Things to do in Shinjuku.


■Under "Coca-Cola" slim bottle Shinjuku original BOX sale

We express design of "Coca-Cola" slim bottle Shinjuku original BOX (we say "BOX" as follows) in building and monument becoming Landmark of Shinjuku. There are BOX two kinds, and cityscape of Shinjuku is completed when we display.
[sale contents] BOX1 box (with three canned 250 ml of "Coca-Cola" slim bottles!)

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