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News (Tokyo sponsorship) of designation of Tokyo Tours guidance window and additional offer

We perform designation of Tokyo Tours guidance window and additional offer!

In Tokyo, we install Tokyo Tours guidance window (it is said as follows with "window") in cooperation with words and cities municipalities. We will tell about new window as we appointed maintenance, company to run. At the same time, addition recruits companies to maintain window, and to run.
For more details, it is ⇒


About designation of 1 window

We appointed 17 places newly as window. (attachment 1 (PDF: according to 152KB))
New guidebook window is going to start service sequentially after the end of February, 2018.
In addition, by this designation, we install 168 places of windows as a whole. (attachment 2 (PDF: according to 285KB))


About 2 additional offers

(1) The number of the offer windows

100 places (whole Tokyo)

(2) Offer company

Sightseeing associated groups such as words and cities municipalities in Tokyo and tourist association. Or office applying for in general corporate judicial person, nonprofit foundation, general incorporated foundation, public interest incorporated foundation, non profit organization, mall, mall alliance society, commercial and industrial meeting, the chamber of commerce, private company is person in the principle capital

*About case entrusting third party with administration, management to affect window duties
We will have you do application to Tokyo Tours guidance window from consignor not trustee.

(3) Business scheme

(4) Support contents

For company which appointed window as maintenance, person running, we perform the following support.

Application method

For details, please see industrial labor bureau website.

With Tokyo Tours guidance window

Window which has intention to accept foreign tourist positively at window performing guidebook regardless of primary occupation, non-primary occupation, and performs local guidebook in consideration for fairness, neutrality

["implementation plan for 2020" business]
This matter is business to affect "implementation plan for 2020".
"International, tourist city open to the pillar 7 world of smart city policy"


Sightseeing in industrial labor bureau department acceptance environment section
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