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Person of Shinjuku Tourist Information visit to an office breaks through 100,000 people!

Person of visit to an office without "Shinjuku Tourist Information" (the following, "the information desk") which opened on December 10, 2016 waiting for half a year from opening broke through 100,000 people. Bureau was maintained for the purpose of turnout creation of town, local activation in culture sightseeing information dispatch base utilization business in Koshu Highway underpass. Go ahead through utilization as spot that many people come and go, and is full of locations to be next to Shinjuku Station southeast Kuchihiro place, and people of visit to an office of the information desk exceed 1,200 in 1,000, time when there is many on the weekend in time when there is many on weekdays, and there is ratio of foreigner user in increase tendency, too.
takatoohiganzakura was planted in open space in front of the information desk, and it was in spot full of people from next town of most very much at time of in full bloom.
 We will plan enhancement in future in order to take toward the person from many next towns, and to provide better service.

We exceed 100,000 people of Shinjuku Tourist Information visit to an office! (587.8KB)

Coverage day: Monday, May 15, 2017

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