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To all of companies in Shinjuku-ku: News (Tokyo) of inbound vs. stress reinforcement support subsidy

We support inbound correspondence such as the accommodations, restaurant, duty-free shop!
― Inbound vs. stress reinforcement support assistance ―

We added person of assistance object to the accommodations and opened in restaurant, duty-free shop of small and medium size scale and enlarged assistance object business to support approach of company which accepted foreign tourist positively at Tokyo and Tokyo Tours foundation. Please inflect at this opportunity.

Summary of offer

Company which is targeted for 1 assistance

("restaurant search engine with foreign language menu" of "EAT Tokyo" that * Tokyo carries out (multiple languages menu making support website)
Store published ni in)

Supporting target business 

Business to carry out for inbound vs. stress reinforcement newly

The amount of 3 assistance 

Less than a half of supporting target expense

Subscription for 4 period

From Thursday, April 27, 2017 to Friday, March 30, 2018
※ In the case of mail, postmark is effective on the day.
※ We finish acceptance when the amount of subsidy application reached the amount of budget.

5 application methods

Please submit necessary matter by mail or bringing after entry.

6 application

(public interest incorporated foundation) Sightseeing in Tokyo Tours foundation area Fisheries Promotion Department infrastructure Maintenance Division
〒162-0801 346-6, Yamabukicho, Shinjuku-ku Nissin Building the second floor

7 and others

About downloading such as application documents, please see Tokyo Tours foundation website ( html).


About overall <business> 
Sightseeing in industrial labor bureau department acceptance environment section Ueno

Telephone: 03-5320-4802
<about application methods>
Tokyo Tours foundation 
Sightseeing in local Fisheries Promotion Department infrastructure Maintenance Division Ishihara, Tanaka

Telephone: 03-5579-8463

"Implementation plan for 2020" business

This matter is business to affect "implementation plan for the implementation plan year for 2020".
Smart city

International, tourist city open to the pillar 7 world of policy

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