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(tentative name) "Soseki study" memorial construction groundbreaking ceremony

((tentative name) "Soseki study" memorial completion image)

("Soseki Park" of the construction planned site)


On April 11, 2016, Shinjuku-ku (the head of a ward: Kenichi Yoshizumi) held groundbreaking ceremony of "Soseki study" memorial (7, Wasedaminamicho) construction (tentative name).

National great writer, Soseki Natsume (1867 through 1916) is born and raised, and Shinjuku-ku is the town which died. Soseki wrote masterpieces such as "Sanshiro" "ko ゝ ro" "grass by the roadside" in house of Wasedaminamicho called "Soseki study" and spent nine years of later years.
We aim at the opening in September, 2017 (Heisei 29) equal to the birth 150th anniversary of Soseki to succeed to memory of this land where Soseki spent later years in ward in the future and it is for Soseki Natsume in the first full-scale memorial (tentative name) and pushes forward maintenance of "Soseki study" memorial.


Guests such as Mariko Hando, Kunihiko Nakajima ((tentative name) "Soseki study" memorial maintenance study meeting chairperson) or construction worker of grandchild of Soseki attend at groundbreaking ceremony.
Mayor Yoshizumi said hello saying "we act so that it was in facility which was loved from local all of you including Soseki fan and researchers". Mayor Yoshizumi, Haruki Shimomura Shinjuku-ku parliamentary speaker, association of Hiroko Nakamura Enoki-cho district town assembly society's chairperson did hoeing ceremony and prayed for security of construction in all the members afterwards.


Ward sets up "Soseki Natsume memory facility maintenance foundation" and starts offer of contribution in July, 2013, and, as of March 31, contribution of 76,711,000 yen is put.
We push forward maintenance of memorial while enlarging the foot of Soseki fan through events sequentially, and appealing to everybodies loving Soseki Natsume of the whole country for cooperation to contribution.

In addition, for the opening, web site look in pre-opening one by all means.


(tentative name) "Soseki study" memorial website

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