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To all of companies in Shinjuku-ku

We promote acceptance environment maintenance so that foreign tourist stays comfortably in Tokyo in Tokyo.
We will tell about business as follows in 2016.


1.All of accommodations


[foreign tourist acceptance environment maintenance support subsidy of the accommodations]

■Supporting target person: Private accommodation companies in Tokyo
■ Supporting target expenses
 ①Reinforcement <newly> of foreign tourist for acceptance
   Expense to need in business to carry out for acceptance environment maintenance of supporting target expense foreigner tourist newly
  (example) multilingualization such as guidance indication of facility, use information for indoor facilities
     ・Multilingualization of public information thing such as website, brochure
     ・Become Western style of restroom in in hall and guest room, Japanese-Western style room of guest room
     ・Maintenance of international broadcasting facilities of TV in in hall and guest room
     ・Introduction of credit card settlement terminal
   It is limit for less than a half of expense targeted for supporting sum assistance, 2 million yen per 1 facility
 ②Maintenance of wireless LAN environment
   Following expense required for maintenance of LANLAN environment wireless in the supporting target expense accommodations
    Oh: Wireless LANLAN apparatus purchase costs i: Setting construction cost with a
     It is limit for less than a half of expense targeted for supporting sum assistance, 750,000 yen per 1 facility
     *We assume up to 50 places per less than 15,000 yen per one place, 1 facility.
■Offer period: From Friday, April 1, 2016 to Friday, March 31, 2017
 *On the day, in the case of mail, postmark is effective.
 *We finish acceptance when the amount of subsidy application reached the amount of budget.
■Application method: After filling out necessary matter, please submit by mail or bringing.
■Application: Sightseeing in Tokyo Tours foundation area Fisheries Promotion Department infrastructure Maintenance Division
 〒The second floor of the 162-0801 346-6, Yamabukicho, Shinjuku-ku NISSIN Building
When there are other application documents, please confirm Tokyo industry labor bureau website.


2.All of accommodations, restaurants


[separation of smoking areas environment maintenance assistance business of accommodation, eating and drinking facility]

We start reception desk of assistance business for maintenance of separation of smoking areas environment that company performs so that foreign tourist uses accommodation, eating and drinking facility comfortably secondary to last year.

■The offer starting date: Friday, April 1, 2016

■Supporting rate, ceiling: Within 4/5 of supporting target expense, we assume 3 million yen limit about 1 facility.

■Supporting target expense: ①Facilities purchase costs necessary for measures of setting of smoking room, ② area separation of smoking areas, ③ floor separation of smoking areas, repair construction cost

[multilingual call center for accommodations, restaurants]
 We carry out multilingual call center of correspondence sequentially for 24 hours in the next fiscal year and recruit new users.
■The offer starting date :Thursday, March 24, 2016

■Service contents:

①Telephone interpreter 
②Translation (new in 2016) such as inquiries in E-mail from indication and tourist in facility

 Target facility  :Tokyo accommodations 2,200 facility which meets use of accommodations requirements
 Restaurant    Tokyo restaurant 600 facility which used EAT Tokyo, and released menu on WEB

 * Procedure is not necessary, and accommodations which had you already register in 2015 continues and can use.

Please confirm the details of both business in the following website.

Separation of smoking areas assistance business

Multilingual call center


3.All of duty-free shops


[multilingual call center for duty-free shops]

Service contents:

 ①Telephone interpreter
  Tax exemption to interpreter (U.K. average, Korea) with telephone and foreign tourist, inquiry correspondence about delivery

 ②Translation service
  Translation about indication or product explanation in facility

 Facility which cooperates with sightseeing measure of the capital in duty-free shop in Tokyo

 *Cooperation to sightseeing measure of the capital schedules brief guidebooks for notice of sightseeing poster of the capital and question from foreign tourist.

Start time: September, 2016 (plan)

Offer period: From Thursday, March 31, 2016 to Thursday, April 28

For details, please confirm in the following website.

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