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Promotion video "SHINJUKU 9Stories"

"Shinjuku to taste." "Shinjuku to be dressed." in "Shinjuku to laugh." at "Shinjuku which charms." "Shinjuku which is dyed." "Shinjuku which dances." "Shinjuku which is in love." "Shinjuku which gathers." We send a variety of charm of Shinjuku in nine stories of "Shinjuku doing well.".

We produce by Japanese, English, Chinese (han), Chinese (kan), Korean, Thai, 7 French languages and include contents that can feel good point of Shinjuku toward the foreign countries.

You can see this promotion video with Youtube "Shinjuku Convention & Visitors Bureau official channel".

In few days, we are going to be released in our site.

YouTube Shinjuku Convention & Visitors Bureau official channel

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