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Receiving a prize double with "Japanese town magazine, free paper award 2018!"

Japanese town magazine, free paper award 2018 local government PR section highest award, leader store prize award for excellence

"Shinjuku plus Vol.9" (September, 2018 issuance) won award for excellence in leader store prize in the highest award in the local government PR section in award ceremony of "Japanese town magazine, free paper award 2018" started in National Museum of Nature and Science on December 4 (sponsorship: general incorporated association Japan area information promotion association).

Festival for town magazine, free paper only in Japan where Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan Tourism Agency support the festival including Cabinet Office. We are examined by various viewpoints including support of quality and reader of the space, and are intended that we show the significance of being contributing to national town magazine, the results and activity of free paper, regional economy activation to widely.

The local government PR section founded this time commends medium that association of local government and sightseeing, hot spring is information magazine, and quality of information for the purpose of local PR is high. Receiving a prize reasons included points "finished in guide book which town walk of Shinjuku area could enjoy with one book". In addition, we included points "that we conveyed by plan, the space constitution that was easy to understand the charm of town" in leader store prize.

Latest issue vol.9 with full of the volume

Special feature of the latest issue "will have a cross-cultural experience in Shinjuku!" We do in this.
Town multicultural as for the Shinjuku. "It is totally foreign country!" There are a lot of na spots. We taste overseas feeling with scenery full of exoticism and the first dishes, and we are charmed by foreign dance and ♪ \ (^o^)/ which can enjoy feeling that went on a trip if we walk around Shinjuku


In addition, this gourmet feature "school canteen and company food very much infiltration of Shinjuku!" We do in this.
We have menus abundantly, and, and furthermore, the volume perfect score is reasonable! School canteen and company food is gourmet spot that is nice in stomach & wallet. As we introduce spot where the general use is OK in the space, gourmet, please actually sneak into everybody.


Furthermore, we appeared in new section!

By "Shinjuku Tourist Information Center communication," we introduce Shinjuku Tourist Information Center which many people use from home and abroad with pleasant episode.

With "event calendar of the end of a volume," we can catch spring event at first sight autumn, winter of Shinjuku!


In addition, map is belonging to and introduces recommended walk course of every column and area of Nomachi mine child during popular serialization. As for the reader present without passing over!

We pack with information tightly this time and tell about various charm of Shinjuku.
Please take in hand by all means if you see as "Shinjuku plus" starts distribution at any time at cooperation bases such as public facilities, station, hotel, restaurant, retail store!

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