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We issue latest issue "Shinjuku plus vol.7"

As for the special feature of the latest issue, "welcome to sacred place Shinjuku of art!" We do in this.
Sunday, October 1, Yayoi Kusama Museum is open. New art spots increase, and Shinjuku powers up more and more to town of art, culture. To look for art with Hajime Anzai of illustrator SORA Mimi strike; is GO to Shinjuku!
And it is attention for Soseki study Memorial feature opening on September 24.


In addition, gourmet feature "will eat up gyoza of Shinjuku!"
Representative of Chinese food loved regardless of any people regardless of age or sex. We introduce shop of special gyoza to taste in Shinjuku-ku.


In SHINJUKU Night Watch of Nomachi mine child during popular serialization, we send under the theme of Ochiai, Nakai.
In addition, we introduce Shinjuku shopping "present" and recommended walk course every area.
We try out the highlight and suggest various ways of enjoying Shinjuku at this time including shopping.
As for the reader present very popular every time without passing over!
"Shinjuku plus" starts distribution at any time at cooperation bases such as public facilities, station, hotel, restaurant, retail store.
Please take one if you happen to find it.

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