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To all of companies in Shinjuku-ku: About multilingual call center business, separation of smoking areas environment maintenance assistance business (Tokyo)

We promote acceptance environment maintenance so that foreign tourist stays comfortably in Tokyo in Tokyo.

[multilingual call center for accommodations, restaurant, duty-free shops]

Secondary to 28, we carry out multilingual call center of correspondence for 24 hours and recruit new users.

Service contents:

  1. Telephone interpreter
  2. Translation such as indication and product explanation in facility, inquiry in E-mail from tourist
  3. Telephone guidance (only duty-free shop performs explanation about tax exemption and delivery to foreign tourist)

Target facility  :The accommodations, restaurant, duty-free shop, antenna shop in Tokyo

*We carry out briefing session targeting at new users in the end of April. In addition, use requirements are different every target facility.

Please confirm all the details in website.

*Procedure is not necessary and can use facility which uses in 2016, and has been registered sequentially.

[separation of smoking areas environment maintenance assistance business of accommodation, eating and drinking facility]

We accept assistance business for maintenance of separation of smoking areas environment that company performs so that foreign tourist uses accommodation, eating and drinking facility comfortably secondary to 28.

Supporting rate, ceiling: Within 4/5 of supporting target expense, we assume 3 million yen limit about 1 facility.

Supporting target expense :①Facilities purchase costs necessary for measures of setting of smoking room, ② area separation of smoking areas, ③ floor separation of smoking areas, repair construction cost

*In addition, depending on trend of legislation of country about preventive measures against passive smoking, separation of smoking areas environment that utilize this business, and introduced is not available; of influence may occur.

As for the details of both business, please see the following "Tokyo industry labor bureau website".

[multilingual call center]

[separation of smoking areas assistance business]


Sightseeing in Tokyo industry labor bureau department acceptance environment section

Sekino, Suzuki (multilingual call center) Tel 03-5320-4771

Sugisaka (separation of smoking areas assistance business)     Tel 03-5320-4627

Fax  :03-5388-1463


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