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Press release Shinjuku souvenir "Shinjuku juku-maru bean-jam bun" comes up

 NAKAMURAYA Co., Ltd. cooperated with Shinjuku sightseeing promotion association and released "Shinjuku juku-maru bean-jam bun" as new Shinjuku souvenir. Relation with Shinjuku was close, and sightseeing in Shinjuku promotion association which publicized charm of town of Nakamuraya and Shinjuku which had heart for town of Shinjuku developed as product which could be pleased with whom Shinjuku came over to.

 We want to promote "development of new Shinjuku souvenir" to work on by company or store and collaboration in Shinjuku with this approach as a start still more. Please expect in future.

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Characteristic of product

Homemade notsubuano which craftsman cooked in kitchen in shop of "bonna" is adzuki bean-flavored rich bean-jam bun which we wrapped. We push branding iron of information dog "juku circle" to introduce Things to do in Shinjuku to from thought that Nakamuraya founded as baker wants to introduce as souvenir representing Shinjuku.

[brand name] Shinjuku juku-maru bean-jam bun

[capacity] One

[price (tax-excluded)] 180 yen

[sale date] Monday, March 6, 2017

[expiry date] 1st (the day of the sale)

[sale store] Sweets & delicatessen Bonna (bonna) Shinjuku Nakamuraya

      (the first floor of Shinjuku Nakamuraya building basement)


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