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Sightseeing activation forum TOKYO2017 holding (Tokyo sponsorship)

In Tokyo, we support attractive sightseeing measure utilized local features.
Of sightseeing measure in each area hold sightseeing activation forum TOKYO2017 to have refer to.
The details are ⇒ Tokyo site notice pages to this

Forum conduct contents

■Part 1
[basic tone lecture]
Theme "charm of area where Japanese does not notice"
Speaker pakkummakkun

[approach example introduction]

1.Tokyo kuruzaikuru business [capital business: area resources excavation type proof program business]
(general machifunemirai private supplementary school Representative Director Iwao Takamatsu)
2.Shikinejima ten years sightseeing town planning business plan [capital business: sightseeing town planning adviser dispatch]
(Secretary General of general Shikinejima Tourism Association Shuichi Tamura)

Part 2
[sightseeing information exchange meeting]
Sightseeing-related group exhibits booth and sends local charm for visitors and sets place exchanging information mutually.
[sightseeing in Tokyo town planning adviser individual treatment conference]

As for the details, please see notice flyer (PDF: 1,093KB) to this.

[Date and Time]

Tuesday, February 7, 2017 from 13:00 to 18:00 (12:30 acceptance start)


The fifth floor of Sapir tower station conference Tokyo
(1-7-12, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku)


Each words and cities municipalities tourist industry person in charge, each words and cities municipalities Tourism Association
One in conjunction with tourism industry


200 (free reception desk, participation on application first-come-first-served basis

Application method

After filling out matter (full name, position, address, contact information, company participant) necessary for fax or email, apply to the following.

<application> It is addressed to Tokyo Tours foundation area Fisheries Promotion Department
Fax: 03-5579-8785
E-Mail address forum (at)
Deadline for Friday, January 20, 2017 application
*For unwanted e-mail measures, we change notation of e-mail address. Sorry for your inconvenience, but you replace (at) with @, and please use.


| held in sightseeing activation forum TOKYO2017 Tokyo

(overall business)
Sightseeing in industrial labor bureau department promotion section
Telephone 03-5320-4768
(application methods)
(public interest incorporated foundation) Tokyo Tours foundation area Fisheries Promotion Department business section
Telephone 03-5579-2682

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