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We issue latest issue "Shinjuku plus vol.5"

Special feature of the latest issue "will enjoy sports in Shinjuku-ku!" We do in this.

In Shinjuku-ku, facility which can enjoy sports is substantial. "Shinjuku-ku introduces with classic walk spot" and Shunichi Kawai of talking former volleyball representative from Japan!


In addition, another special feature "around-the-world feeling in Shinjuku-ku gourmets!"

It is special feature only in multi-national Shinjuku-ku which can taste dishes of various countries.


In addition, we introduce Shinjuku food stores in the department store basement gourmet and recommended walk course every area.

We try out the highlight and suggest various ways of enjoying Shinjuku at this time including shopping. As for the reader present very popular every time without passing over!


"Shinjuku plus" starts distribution at any time at cooperation bases such as public facilities, station, hotel, restaurant, retail store.

Please take one if you happen to find it.

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