From Thursday, November 14, 2019 to Tuesday, December 24

Puppet play is dangerous!

Temporary exhibition is now being held in "puppet play and we double!" in Waseda University Theatre Museum in Waseda University history museum plan display room until Tuesday, December 24. No charge for admission.

Of Japan <modern puppet play> which was born under the influence of new dramatic theory and puppet play brought from Europe after the Meiji era. Book exhibition is radical, and it sometimes pays attention to charm and toxicity that sometimes got heart of people cutely.
It was in the advertising media of the fighting spirit uplift under the wartime, and, if I am not mistaken, puppet play that young new artist and others who wanted to be expression that was radical mark for the Taisho era period got absorbed in did centripetal force as biting whistle-blower who confronted social problem on the stage of TV at the dawn in postwar period. And place of the achievement continues being expanded while still accomplishing a variety of evolution now.
Book exhibition overlooking the world of <modern puppet play> filled with stimulation by dolls which was actually used such as Don gabacho of "gourd island, stage photograph, presentation picture or other valuable associated documents about 40 points other than this hotel possession document such as "dark type marionette show doll" which had a big influence on establishment of <modern puppet play> of Japan unexpectedly." If it is at opportunity to think about possibility to have of social significance that only puppet play can serve as multifaceted words to "be dangerous" to clue and the expression, we are happy.

Don gabacho doll (eyes seat "unexpectedly gourd island") ©I/Y, H, NEP

Studio nova "blue horse" (repeat performance, 1973) stage photograph ©Studio nova

It is unknown in the dark-style marionette show skeleton production year


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From Thursday, November 14, 2019 to Tuesday, December 24


<Opening Hours> From 10:00 to 17:00 (until fire, Friday 19:00)
Future Closed: Wednesday, December 4, 18th Wednesday
*As we may change by convenience in schedule, the latest information, please arrive after checking this hotel website.


No charge for admission, no appointment necessary


Waseda University history museum plan display room (Waseda campus Building No. 1)

〒169-8050 1-6-1, Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo



Plan cooperation

Kohei Kikuchi (doll culture researcher)


"International drama city TOKYO" sending from Waseda University Theatre Museum, Shinjuku project executive committee

The furtherance

Clustering business that assumed museum of Agency for Cultural Affairs area the core in 2019


Shinjuku-ku, NPO corporation Japan unima (federation of international puppet play Japan center), the whole country specialty doll theatrical company meeting

Allied event

Gallery talk

We hold gallery talk by person in charge of plan.

[Date and Time] Tuesday, December 3 13:30-14:00
Lecturer: Kohei Kikuchi (doll culture researcher), Tobita perception sentence (Waseda University Theatre Museum assistant instructor)
[Venue] Waseda University history museum plan display room (Waseda campus Building No. 1)
[Fee] Free of charge

*Come to advance reservations-free/venue directly


Waseda University Theatre Museum


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