Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The 646th Kii country shop variety hall


"The 646th Kii country shop variety hall" is held in Kinokuniya Hall of Kinokuniya Shinjuku main store 4F on Sunday, December 30.

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 The 646th Kii country shop variety hall


Since Kinokuniya Hall opened Kii country shop variety hall in 1964,

It is rakugo society holding once a month regularly.


It is held with five from once a month second alone, young person, the nucleus of qualification given to comic storyteller to veteran in addition.

From the tenth to 441 times, subtitle "meeting hearing classical storytelling" has been attached, and classical storytelling is the center now.


Kii country shop variety hall of December is held every year for annual 30 days. Including story that is good at the end of the year,

You can enjoy classical storytelling slowly and carefully this year in the last!


Please come to "the rakugo end" of 2018. We look forward to visit.



 Sunday, December 30, 2018



 Kinokuniya Hall

 〒163-8636 3-17-7, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku Kinokuniya Book Store Shinjuku Main Store 4F

 TEL: 03-3354-0141


 Kinokuniya Co.,Ltd.

 Performance name

 The 646th Kii country shop variety hall


 Kosan Yanagiya ancient and modern times bower will n ho

 Sankyo Yanagiya Mikisuke Katsura

 The Shunputei one left



 Admission 3,300 yen student discount coupon 2,000 yen



 Kinokuniya Hall

 Telephone: 03-3354-0141


 Performance URL:



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