From Friday, November 9, 2018 to 10th Saturday
It opens at start 18:30 at 19:00

Autumn night jazz ♪ Planetarium live

Consecutive performances "autumn night jazz ♪ planetarium live" is held in the eighth floor of Shinjuku kozumikkusenta planetarium at Saturday, 2 night on Friday, November 9 and 10th. Do you not enjoy jazz under star-filled sky?




  Flyer and application (6.5MB)

Shinjuku traditional fashion jazz festival

"Shinjuku trad jazz all-stars" to hold on Sunday on Saturday, November 10 and 11th

We hold "autumn night jazz ♪ planetarium live" in the eighth floor of kozumikkusenta, planetarium in the night on hours and Saturday for the first day in after of the previous night.


 November 9: After hours of the previous night

   10th: Saturday knight for the first day

 ☆There is autumn starlit sky commentary on the way, too☆


Please enjoy masterpiece of jazz while looking at star of the sky! *Application before important business

For more information: → Official site

Performance contents

<appearance> Shinjuku trad jazz all-stars

<program> Night of Stardust moon river Washington Square grows; and When You Wish upon a Star others

    *Musical piece may be changed.

[Date and Time]

①Friday, November 9  19:00 start (the 18:30 opening) "after hours of the previous night"

②Saturday, November 10  19:00 start (the 18:30 opening) "Saturday knight for the first day"


The eighth floor of Shinjuku kozumikkusenta planetarium

〒169-0072 3-1-2, Okubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


Please choose from 2 performances.

Capacity : For each 140 one where is higher than primary schoolchild *haha protector companion a lot lower than lottery, all seat freedom, junior high students required
Rate : For each 1,600 yen (prior transfer)


<application method>

We can apply at 62 yen postcard, foundation website, inquiry window. *It must arrive by Friday, October 26.

For details, please refer to the PDF mentioned above or official website.


The Shinjuku future creation foundation Sports Division in Shinjuku kozumikkusenta

TEL 03-3232-7701



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