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Soseki and Kagurazaka, Shinjuku edition

"Soseki and Kagurazaka, Shinjuku edition" are starting on Tuesday, May 29 now in the Shinjuku Ward Soseki study Memorial until Monday (holiday) on July 16.

The Shinjuku Ward Soseki study Memorial

"Kagurazaka" which is close from the Soseki study Memorial

As for the Kagurazaka, neighborhood of slope developed as mall and residential area by kobutetsudoushikomi*shajokai* of 1895. Above all, bustle of fair for person of prayer of the "Zenkokuji Temple" god of treasure became famous and became downtown that represented hilly section.

As for the state of Kagurazaka, it is described "son" in works such as "in glass doors" by "it" of Soseki Natsume. There were "Soma shops" which bought variety hall "Ushigome bower" and "Kazuyoshi shop bower" which Soseki who liked rakugo and storytelling was partial to (waradanatei), manuscript paper and was land where Soseki got used to. In addition, it is deep place of relation for writers who spent the Meiji era.

We introduce the work about writer with relation with Soseki again while focusing on town, Kagurazaka which brought up literature.

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Exhibition room on the second floor

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